27 June 2012

Almost Anime Expo!!

Kimimi and I are RUSHING
To get our costumes done!!

We're almost done with my costumes, but I'll be borrowing Kimimi's Fem!Japan costume for Day 4

We still need to make Kimimi's Rose (Homestuck) shirt from the transfer screen...

We'll get this done!
We need to make a stop at Marukai for eyelid fiber and stuff

A picture of me during the day in the sewing room

We stayed in the room
w w w w w w w w w w w w

I think my friend, Kou, got mad us for being so bored and tweeting texts to him
Sorry!! (;A;)

26 June 2012


I cut and dyed my hair!

We took off the shower cap that I use to capture my head heat and make the dye work a lot more
And I had Loki Hair!! w w w w w

Kimimi is SO funny!

25 June 2012

30 Days (Monthly) Comfy Black Lens Preview

[EDIT] Official review for these lens are here

My monthly lens was delivered today!
They're called 30 Days Comfy Black

It looks like they have changed the packaging/brand of the circle lens...
In older reviews online, it has the words "New Bio" on the package
This one says "Feelcon" instead w
I LOVE blister packaged lens!
They feel so comfortable compared to the circle lens that come in vials~
PinkyParadise also sent me a really cute, green elephant lens case to go with my purchase!
It was brand new and still had its plastic packaging around it

I upped my prescription, and I was right
My circle lens prescription is -4.75/-4.75
And my regular contact lens prescription is -4.50/-4.50

I can see very clearly out of these lens since I ordered -4.75!
I hope to do a review soon,
So stay tuned!!

24 June 2012

Fun With Kimimi

Koumi is back again!
Did you miss me? w

I arrived safely in Los Angeles
So now I'm busy sewing away with Kimimi
There's only (not even) a week left until Anime Expo!!

Our schedules got changed, so I'll post it here:

Day 1 - DANCEROID Kozue and Yuzuki
Day 2 - Yin (Darker Than Black) and Rose Lalonde (Homestuck)
Day 3 - DANCEROID (Plaid outfits) Kozue and Yuzuki
Day 4 - ?? (I'm not sure who I'm going to be yet, but it'll be from Hetalia) and England (Hetalia)

I'm happy to be able to see Kimimi again!
We made big white bows w w

I'm getting new circle lens for Anime Expo
They'll be Pinky Paradise's 30 Days Comfy Black!
If they are not defective (and I ordered the right prescription since I've been having hard times with it),
Then I'll review it!

But so far,
I'm just using my NEO Dali Extra Black
I can't see very far with them on, unfortunately...
But they look gorgeous!

20 June 2012

Going to Los Angeles!!

I'm going to fly to Los Angeles!!

But hopefully I can see everyone!
I'm really excited to see Los Angeles again
And hopefully go to the beach

I walked around San Francisco
And didn't buy anything w w
I was really amazed that I didn't

It was also my last day to say goodbye to everyone in San Francisco

I'm going to miss them!
This was my makeup yesterday (o ^ o)
I wore my Walkure Choco lens

So, for the rest of my summer
I'll be in Los Angeles with Kimimi and my relatives

We'll be sewing... a lot! I just know it!
We've still got a bunch of costumes to finish
So I'll be busy these last days before Anime Expo

Probably, I won't be posting much until after the convention

More to come!
See you soon, LA!!

17 June 2012

I'm Going to Anime Expo 2012!!

I'll be going to Anime Expo this year
With Kimimi, Satomi and a few others!

Kimimi and I are going to be cosplay partners
So you can recognize us if we meet each other

We will be going as
-DANCEROID Members: Aikawa Kozue and Yuzuki
-Hetalia: Britain and Finland

There will also be one day we are not going to match with each other!

Here it is:

-Kimimi is going to be Rose from Homestuck

-I am going to be Yin from Darker Than Black

This will be on the third day, so it will only be once!

Please look for us!
COLORCON Koumi CL Shop will be there at Anime Expo; no, not as a booth (yet) but
I will be taking more orders and handing out business cards!

I'll be handing out goodies too, so stay in touch
And search for us!

Kimimi (to the left) and me (to the right)

Hope to see you there!

Eye Charm Magic Slim Double SIDED Double Eyelid Tape

I received my little order of Eye Charm eyelid tape!
What is so cool about it is that
It's double sided!

All the tapes I've gotten so far are all one sided tapes and they don't work for me
I've heard it only works for monolids...

I have a slight crease in my monolid due to the eyelid glue I use daily
w w I'm actually training my eyelids!

This is the eyelid tape on!

It really is pretty invisible! There is only a small crease where the tape is
But it really works
When you push it in, it actually sticks to both parts of your eyelid
The top and where it originally was!

It works really well
And I'm pretty satisfied!
It held throughout the whole day without coming off

I wish that there were more tapes included, though
There are only 22 pairs
Thankfully, it was only 156 yen

Does anyone know if the BDS - Double Eyelid Tape is double sided?
A store near my house is having a sale, but it goes for 1200 yen for 100 pieces

16 June 2012

Scouting Sights

Summer is finally here! I went with my friends to San Francisco
This was a really pretty place
If you were there on Thursday
You might have seen us!

These flowers were so pretty and colorful!

It reminds me a little of Yoyogi Park..

12 June 2012

I'm trying out my new NEO Dali Extra Black lens and the AN-101s

Unfortunately I believe these are defective... again! (QAQ)
I seem to get a lot of lens that look alright in the vial, but when I put them on, they hurt a lot!

The Circlelens.com company I ordered it from says they won't do anything about it
So I'm really sad!
I spent 6000 yen in total for my circle lens!

My prescription must have not been compatible with the dioptres that GEO and NEO Vision uses to make their circle lens
Because my vision is no longer clear when I look out of circle lens (ONLY!) in prescription -4.50/-4.50
My clear Acuvue contact lens are fine and clear in -4.50/-4.50
Strange, huh?

Well, if you know a good place to order NEO circle lens for a affordable price
Comment, please!
I'd like to know!!


10 June 2012

A Friendly Outing

My friends and I went out for a big shopping trip!

We also went to take picutres in at the Purikura

Unfortunately, one of my friends ditched us because he hates photos taken of him

What is with my face... w w

I bought:
Eye shadow and a contact lens case!
I also went out and bought Baby Color lens, but they basically look like GEO's CK-105s...

Finally, it was the end of the day and we all went home
It was a fun day!

09 June 2012

Circle Lens Mini-Haul

My black circle lens arrived!

I got:
-GEO AN101 Angel Define Black
-NEO Dali Extra Black

These are the AN101! I checked the code and it is genuine! Very happy

This is the Dali Extra Black

Pretty, aren't they?
I've heard that NEO brand lenses are almost the best in comfort and size, especially for smaller eyes
I checked the entire label and bottle (even the rubber cap) and it is clearly genuine
Thank goodness!

Ever since the time when I bought fake lens from a girl in Taiwan, I've been very paranoid about my lens

Make sure that your lens are genuine too!
You can do a random search with the words "lens authenticity" after the brand name of the circle lens

I hope you'll be safe
Your eyes are precious!

Look forward to a review on AN101 soon!!