30 September 2012

Face Massages

I went in to get a facial massage!

Since my jaw was hurting
I found out it was because there was pent up stress there w w

I did my makeup really different today
I don't even look the same!! ||orz

Facial massages seem to make my face slimmer..

29 September 2012

Fenua Beaute's Giveaway

Hehehe, so I'm months LATE

I checked back on it today
In the morning
And I...

I won... (oAo)

Oh wow.
I want to start thanking her...

I don't know what to do.

Maybe I should email?


This was a little while ago, but I decided not to announce it until later

I'm getting my green card!!
Now, I live in San Francisco, the Bay Area 

I got so excited and all my friends started screaming

So now I reside in the United States!
Maybe I should change my time schedule on Blogger to Western Time? w w
I'll see about that

I'm starting on my choreography for "Trollcops" and "Turn Me On" for the flash mob in Japan Town
That flash mob happening on 14th of April!
Super pumped up to see everyone there as well..!

So, unpacking...

I am done unpacking all of my clothes
Most importantly, we got the bed set up again!
I slept on a mat for about a week
It wasn't bad, but it hurt my neck because I didn't have a pillow either ||orz
The bed collapsed twice, but we finally got the bolts and screws to fit afterward

To those who follow me,
Thank you for supporting me all this way!

I'm really happy that people enjoy some of the things I post and put out in public
I'm usually not very active on the internet
A lot of people know me in person w w w w w
But this really makes me feel special
Thank you all~

I'm off to go driving now

Wish me luck; I don't have much confidence in driving yet!!

28 September 2012


So why not join in on the fun?

Best luck to everyone!

Enter HERE

Yesterday, after celebration...

I went to check out some Palty hair dyes

I want to change my hair color next month, but I'm not sure what to change it to

Jewelry Ash or Milk Tea Brown?

27 September 2012

Happy Birthday, Father!

Thank you for helping me in every way possible
And watching me grow every step of the way.

I still make mistakes,
But you've taught me how to overcome the difficulties.

You're the one who first introduced me to everything I know now

I can't say how much I love you.

Thank you

I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

Your Daughter

26 September 2012

Well... Getting There

I got sick on Monday
So I've been trying to take care of myself since then
I think I'll be OK to go to work and stuff tomorrow
But for now I should rest!!

Well, I'll get there eventually...
I have some make up choreography to do since I missed two dance practices this week

Lucky me (;A;)
I look so... different
With my bangs pulled back!

25 September 2012


Last night, I tried out a technique that my friends used to use when we were younger
I don't think it quite matched my eye shape,
But it was worth a try!

Look how different I am with and without makeup!!
But, of course
I have uneven eyelids
So it doesn't really help...

23 September 2012

Daiso Eye Shadows

I went to pick up some blushes and eye shadows for Halloween
And I saw that there were more products in stock!!

Orange blusher and highlighter

Green 3 shades eye shadow

Blue 6 shades eye shadow

Wavy Wigs

The same day I received my package from Yes Style, I also got my package from a cosplay wig store!
I bought two wigs: a wavy long in black and a short tuff in golden blonde

Today, I'm trying on my black color wig

I tried out a lot of different angles when taking photos, so I captured many angles of my face!

I want braces soon w w ||orz

The wig is LONG~
I'm really happy about it because it's ready to be styled and very heat resistant!

Now, for some news

A few weeks ago
I was food poisoned when I went to a restaurant in the upscale part of town
Ever since then, I haven't been able to eat regular foods, especially foods with proteins and rich entrees
So... thinspo maybe? w w w
Wish me luck
I need to keep my health in check from now on

21 September 2012

Yes to Yes Style

I received my package from Yes Style!

I bought a fur dress from 59 Seconds
A off-shoulder dress from KANA
A pink, quilted twist-lock purse from Ageha @ Shibuya

59 Seconds' clothing is really light and cute! I'm really happy because this dress will be perfect for winter and I won't freeze in the cold weather!

KANA's style is very straightforward and chic
It's perfect for street fashion and I can really get around town in this during the summer and fall!

The clothing got here really fast! I chose the 6-14 day shipping, and it only took about a week for my package to arrive at my door
Overall, I'm really happy with Yes Style!

20 September 2012

Beuberry Crystal Clear Apricot Lens Review (Purchased from Uniqso)

Hi everyone!

Today's circle lens review is on

Beuberry Crystal Clear Apricot

One lens

Both lens

Three views of the lens

Color: Apricot/Orange/Brown
Water content: 55%
Diameter: 16mm (actual diameter is 15mm)
Manufacturer: Beuberry Lens
Base curve: 8.6
Duration: 12 months/1 year
Disposable soft lens

Based on my measurements,
This Beuberry lens is 15mm, not 16mm
Though, these are the biggest lenses I've ever owned!

Design and Color: 5/5

I am in LOVE with the color of these lenses! I really wanted some orange colored circle lens and these definitely do the trick! The color is really vivid, making it light colored. From far away, it may not be easy to tell that there is orange color though. The design really reminds me of the Bubble series from The Dolly Eye, but the inner design is a lot prettier because it looks like swirls to me. (*^_^*)

Enlargement: 5/5

Now, because of the design, these aren't exactly the most extravagant when it comes to enlargement, but it definitely looks a little larger than 14.5mm! It's because there is no dark ring around the outer side of the lens. I think it's more than enough enlargement for my eyes. Perhaps if I had gotten a darker color, I would have rated enlargement as a 5+/5!! But I'm happy with the enlargement on this.

Comfort: 5/5

Despite the HUGE diameter, I deem Beuberry as the most comfortable lens I've ever worn in my entire life! No wonder, though, because the water content is 55%!! Huge lens, but great comfort. I didn't have to use eye drops for these lens at all. Once I put the lens into my eye, I didn't feel it. It's a pretty great discovery for me since my base curve is 0.3mm below the base curve of most circle lens' curve.

Overall: 5/5!!

Super in love with these! I will definitely repurchase these, for Halloween, of course. The design is really light and pretty. The comfort is DEFINITELY amazing as well!

You can find these lenses HERE!

New camera angles.. (?!) 
I don't look the same as I did in the summer
I lost even more weight from my face (o Ao)

Thanks for looking at my review!

17 September 2012

Preview of Beuberry's New Crystal Clear Apricot!

I received my pair of circle lens from Uniqso today!

I've always wanted some Beuberry lens because they look so pretty
So I went ahead of myself and bought some last month!!

I'm really excited to try these on
But I'll wait until about October or more to try these on
So stay tuned!

You can find these lens HERE !!!

15 September 2012

Birthday At the Movies!

My birthday cake was a small strawberry shortcake with fruit and candles!

Thank you for coming out to the drive-in movie theater last night!
It was super fun to hang out and celebrate

This week was super long, wasn't it?


12 September 2012

Today is My Birthday!

I got this present from my friend!!
He is so sweet!

Legend of Korra pins are so cute
It's awesome

11 September 2012

Gothic 3tones Turquoise Circle Lens Review


Today's review is for:

Gothic 3tones Turquoise!

One lens inserted
Both lens

Color: Blue (turquoise)
Water content: 38%
Diameter: 14.5mm
Manufacturer: Dueba
Base curve: 8.6
Duration: 12 months/1 year
Disposable soft lens

In this case, I'm wearing these lens everyday, so they will only last for about 3 months.

Design and Color: 4/5

First of all, the lens is... well, a tri-colored lens! I really love how much it blends with my real eye color in natural light because of the design pattern. The color is pretty opaque and changes my eye color. The only thing I don't really prefer much is the pixel-like outer ring of grey color because it proves that the blue eye color is fake. But from afar, it looks like the real deal!

Enlargement: 3.5/5

I'd say that the Gothic 3tones series are very natural in both color and in enlargement even though it is 14.5mm. It enhances my eyes and makes them shine, but the enlargement is not over the top and super dolly looking. Though, I really like how the lens are easy to wear and great for using daily... or weekly, in some cases.

Comfort: 4/5

These lens are pretty comfortable! At first, it felt a little uncomfortable because circle lens are thicker than regular 1 month/2 week disposable lens made by companies like Acuvue and Freshlook. After a few days of trying these on, it began to feel normal and now I don't have any discomfort from the thickness of the lens at all! The only thing that kind of bothers me is that the lens does slide in my eye sometimes, but that's because my base curve is not exactly 8.6mm. My eye is actually 8.3mm in base curve, but I haven't had much trouble about that.

Overall: 4/5

Lovely lens, great color, subtle but good enlargement; that's what I like about my circle lens! These are really affordable lens that you can wear whether it is for a party, a casual event, or if you just want to bring a little flare to your everyday routine. I'd really recommend this to someone who doesn't want super huge eyes, but just enough to notice a difference!

I took this picture in front of the window sill! The blue color really shows on my brown eyes!!

10 September 2012


Before going to work
I curled my hair!

But one side curls better than the other  ||orz