29 April 2012


I'm trying out a new eye mask! 

I took this picture while not being able to see because of the mask w w

28 April 2012

OPEN! Aikawa Kozue Pins Sale!!


Aikawa Kozue (DANCEROID) 1'' fan pins (price is for one batch*): $8

Shipping: $4 to USA and Canada, $5 for International

Please contact us if you're interested via email at

- @MotoKoumi on Twitter
- phoebetonkingirl@gmail.com
- akira.kozue@yahoo.com

Package that you will receive after purchase is shipped from USA in California from Akira Ayumi (owner of kozukozue.tumblr.com)


*One batch equals to 5 pins

5 pins = 1 batch

Angel Color Chocolate Brown Lens Review


I am going to review Tsubasa Masuwaka's lens: Angel Color Chocolate Brown

In the case: left side, outside design is showing; right side, inside design is showing

On my hand, outside design is facing

One lens on

Both lens on

Color: Brown
Diameter: 14.2mm
Water content: 38%
Base curve: 8.6
Duration: 1 year/12 months
Disposable soft lens

Design/Color: 9/10
The Chocolate Brown lens have a very cute design and I really like the color they give to my eyes! In the middle of the lens, there is an orange-yellow-like color to define the pupil. There is also a black limbal ring on the outside of the design and it spikes into the brown color a bit. The brown is a rich brown which, to some people, looks a little reddish. My eyes are naturally colored a rich brown in the sunlight, so I have no problem with the coloring!

Comfort: 8/10
After soaking the lens overnight, I tried them on and there wasn’t any discomfort. After a few hours on the road (since I drove from the airport to Los Angeles), though, I did start to feel the lens in my right eye, but an eye drop or two solved the problem for the rest of the day! It was a miracle, because I was afraid the harsh sunlight would dry out the lens while I was in California (thankfully, I bought new sunglasses after my road trip).

Enlargement: 8/10
These lens are 14.2mm and that diameter is just perfect for me! It doesn’t enlarge too much, but it definitely makes a difference! Especially in pictures, I find that these lens make my eyes look so much more dolly and cute. I rate it 8 out of 10 because I have 15mm ones (from GEO; the Princess Mimi Series) and they are definitely smaller than the 15mm lens. For personal preference rating, though, it rates 10/10!

Overall: 9/10
Love these! I love the color, the design and the enlargement! Although I wish they would never feel slightly dry toward the middle of the day, that’s almost impossible for most circle lens. I definitely recommend these to anyone who wants to have an enlargement that’s not too big, not too small, or if you just don’t want to wear 14.5mm lens! The design can fit anyone, whether you are male or female. This was a great purchase and I know I’m going to order these again soon.

Thanks for reading!!


I tried out gel nails for the first time (yesterday)!

I ordered a simple French nail
So the coating is mostly clear and not too colorful or dramatic

My nails were cut short and square-like
I don't know if I like square nails, but they work for this French nail

27 April 2012

It's Time To ROCK!!

Good afternoon!!

Today is going to be a good day
I hope so!

I've finally got to listen to B.A.P's new album! 
They are so talented for a new group~

Please check them out

I love this song:

"It's All Lies"

26 April 2012

Today is~

A very tiring day!

I have to run 1.6km today!
I get tired after .80 km

Let's make it a short post~

Makeup for today~

See you later!

23 April 2012

Day with Kimimi (Post is Picture-Heavy)

Yay! I'm finally back from Los Angeles!!

I am really, really tired from the trip
So I hope I can get some rest soon~

While visiting Kimimi
She made me try on her designed clothes for our DANCEROID outfits!!

I fit her size now!! (^_^)

Here's some of the pictures we took: 

New 2012 DANCEROID outfit

It's so cute and short, haha!

Main DANCEROID outfit

This pose... Kimimi had a hard time with this (^ ^;)

Kimimi is so cute~~

w w w w w

More poses, yay!

Closeup shot
Do I look like Aikawa Kozue yet? w w

Masks on for identity protection (only used for dance covers)

I think Kimimi would make a great Yuzuki (Kingdam-san)

That's all for now!

See you later!

22 April 2012

Surprise Trip to Los Angeles!


This is a quick little post before I've got to go to a party
Jet lag kills me!! w w w w

I've been reunited with my best friend, Kimimi! 
She made clothes and bought me a bunch of things
It was coincidentally her birthday coming up (it is the 24th of April)
So I got her a blonde wig for only 560 yen!
She liked it a lot, so I'm really glad that I got it in blonde color... I'll post more pictures later

Why am I here in Los Angeles?

My grandfather has fallen ill so my father and I came to see him
My brother couldn't go
So I'm a representative!
Please pray for my grandfather
He is a good man

We took pictures with him
My auntie, my grandmother, my grandfather, and my dad

My cousin, my grandfather and me... my face is blurry w w

My grandfather is strong and has a good heart
Even though there's been many hardships, we were always able to get through it
All the mistakes are now forgiven and forgot
We no longer have any regrets

Thank you, everyone who supported and continues to support him!
He is doing better each day
Thank you, thank you

Look at the time!
I must go now


19 April 2012

Another Chocolate Brown Lens Preview

I opened up my lens since I'm going onto an abrupt trip to California!

How cool is that?

Sometimes, lens vials are difficult to open (oAo)

When I poured it onto my hand to get the lens out~

In the lens case to soak for about 8 hours

I have a feeling that I'm going to be in love with these!!

Lens review coming soon~

17 April 2012

Limited Edition Tsubasa Masuwaka Bambi Lens for Sale!!

I've got a deal for you!

I have an in-stock pair of the original Bambi circle lens that was created by Tsubasa Masuwaka

They are in the prescription: -4.75/-4.75

The information is all here:

Color: Chocolate Brown
Water content: 38%
Diameter: 14.2mm
Base curve: 8.6
Duration: 1 year/12 months
Expiration date: 2014/03
Disposable soft lens

Contact us for more information:
- colorconkoumi@gmail.com
- akira.kozue@yahoo.com
- @MotoKoumi on Twitter

This is limited edition!

Free shipping to the United States

Okinawa shipping - not available at this moment, sorry. (;A;)

Get them quick!

Bambi Chocolate Brown

Lens in vial

Front view

Front view

Side view


Goodnight, everyone!

I'm not posting much today, sorry!

No makeup, haha! I swear, I'm related to Sora and Nagito somehow.