31 January 2013


I'm so glad that this week is almost over!
Whoa, it's been a long week for me
Dance has officially taken over my life w w
We learned a hip-hop routine and I was super pumped
I even got to perform in front of my dance mates!

Today, I had forgotten to do a review on a Prodigurls circle lens!
It really slipped my mind; I don't know what happened there... I'm sorry.
But I got it done and published today so...
I'm happy!

w w w w w But I have to tell you,
I forgot where I put them, so I had to search around the house for almost two hours w

Here's my makeup for today:

It's a lot like the AV Gyaru makeup I did the other day, but I tried to outline my really thin double eyelid creases

Also, I changed glitter eye shadows since the NYX ones weren't really working for my eye shape
I like the ones I got in Japan because it has smaller sparkles and it's a powder shadow, not a cream
I used a gunmetal grey/sliver with a midnight blue and a silvery white shadow to highlight!

And then I had Amu take more pictures of me

Sometimes my lips are too thick orz

I think this was the only normal shot we have of me today
I usually can't keep a smiling or normal face on in pictures; it's a really bad habit from my childhood

Amu is way too in love with my phone's camera
I don't know why Amu does these things...

I've gotten asked why I look so different now!

Well, that's because...
I got sick in December and in January. It's been pretty harsh on me, and it took a big toll on my body as well. I've lost a lot of muscle due to my sickness, so I hope to earn it back by the summer so I can go to the beach Beach BEACH!

OK, that's all for now!

28 January 2013

JAV Gyaru is the Most Mature I Have Been

[CAUTION! This post includes mature topics. Please read at your own risk.]

Over this week,
I've been more and more interested in the world of  JAVs starring Gyaru girls
JAV is Japanese Adult Video (only 18+ year olds should be able to watch them), so yes. I do go and watch them from time to time w w

Anyway! I decided to go behind the scenes and talk to some of my friends who work in the industry about their makeup routine.
I found out, their Gyaru style is much like the one in Egg Magazine
It includes a lot of eyeliner, stacked false lashes, and tons of glitter these days.
So I asked my friend Amu to help me create the look

This is how it ended up:
w w w SUPER huge difference in my regular appearance, yeah?
But there's still more pictures we took..

Over exposure to light! UOAAH

Today's outfit was this w w It was supposedly passable for an AV actress, but somehow I'm doubting it

I got a new phone! It's a Android RAZR HD
I got a pink case with it from a vendor at the mall
The phone's camera is really clear and has good definition!! I used it to take all these pictures w I barely have to brighten or sharpen my pictures now

So, the makeup for AV Gyaru is pretty much layers after layers and can become pretty messy
Sometimes, I feel like my face is going to droop because of all the makeup on it!

The glitter didn't come out neatly, but that's because I was using NYX Glitter Eye Shadow cream without a base primer for my eyelids...

And that's the extend of my weekend!
It was fun pretending to be an AV Gyaru actress and dressing up like Izumi Mana who's gotten news to buzz around her for a time

Would you so this type of makeup for a day?

27 January 2013

Seasonal Nails

Is filled with sparkles!
January is almost over, so I really must prepare for February..
w w I'm so behind in my schedule, it's not really a laughing matter but
I'll make it into one

In April,
My friends are going back to Japan for a while, so I'll be alone for the month
Buki told me he's going to work on the farm for a bit while Shisano is going to see her grandparents
I'm really happy for them, but...
I want to go to Japan too!!

Oh well,
I'll plan for it soon enough

I want to go to Germany!!!!!

23 January 2013


Hello everyone!
It's been a long time since I've updated, haven't I?
Sorry about it! Things have been so busy...

I got sick with the flu going around the area last week and wasn't able to move from my bed w w ||orz
I was able to choreograph for dance in my head, though
My dance mates thought it was a great piece, so now we're practicing it for Friday, when we preform

I've been preparing for Anime Expo 2013 as well!

w w w w w Yes, I use SAI Paint Tool Program
It is very easy for me to use since I'm very lazy (グダグダ w w w) when it comes to coloring
Someone told me my style is very good, but I just look at my drawings... mjk !!
I am currently drawing "Phantom: Requiem for Phantom" because I love the music
But Reiji strikes me as someone who isn't mature

I've also been using slang more often now...
I think it's because I want to be able to say something as quickly as possible
So the "mjk" and "グダグダ" is being used often now
"w w" and "orz" I have always used (*^_^*)

Well, it's time to write reports as I listen to "Superstar!" from the Phantom: Requiem OST
See you in a later post! I'll explain the internet slang later...