18 July 2013

Out Partying All Night Long

Over these past two nights,
I did nothing but go to parties and have some time to get rid of stress!

Some selcas/selfies I took before going to the event yesterday were still on my phone
So I'll just leave them here

I'd say I had a really good time!

Double Eyelid Success!

My eyelids are finally evened out!! w w w
After a year and a half,
All the hard work of applying double eyelid glue, tapes and fiber have paid off

Here are some comparison pictures:

from 2012 to summer of 2013!

I am now able to put on makeup without having the trouble of uneven eyelids

16 July 2013

Swimming in Makeup

I haven't been able to post all of my photos taken while I was on lunch breaks
So here are the rest of them in piled into one post...

I like this "babydoll" hairstyle
My hair curls better when I put them up in pigtails for some odd reason

Close up of my makeup
I use two types of mascara; a lightweight one for my top lashes so they don't uncurl, and a heavier weighted one for my lower lashes so they curl downward because mine grow upward

This is my more nightlife makeup when we went out to party
It was a pretty long day, so excuse the smudged bits

That's all I had during this last week of work in Los Angeles!

15 July 2013

Liv Tyler Inspired Makeup

Because I watched the two seasons of Sherlock from BBC (I accidentally got my aunt hooked to the show),
I felt as if I needed to do some research on the actors
Unlike many of my friends, I was interested in Martin Freeman
So I researched him first
Then, I found out about Benedict Cumberbatch
There were some rumors going on about Cumberbatch dating Liv Tyler earlier on in the year
And that's how I was inspired to recreate Liv Tyler's look on my own face!

That was a lot of explaining, and the whole process is really kind of confusing w w
How could I become inspired by Liv Tyler through Benedict Cumberbatch?
Who knows... The mind works in very strange ways

The makeup I used:
-Daiso Double Eye Pencil eyebrow pencil (brown, 2 shades)
-Daiso Pearl in Eye Shadow neutral palette A
-Maybelline Matte Mousse
-Maybelline New York Great Lash: Lots of Lashes mascara (black)
-Apple Mamey Super Lash mascara (black)
-Nicka K New York brush liquid eyeliner pen (black)
-Victoria Jackson blush palette (bright pink)
-Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics lip tar (in Psycho)

Here is my result!
It's only half of my face because I was too lazy to do the rest w w ||orz

It was difficult to shape my eyebrows because I do not have long eyebrows like Liv Tyler
Instead, I had to draw my brows dramatically so they would look like hers

I am in love with lip tar
I really like to have bright lipstick during the summer, and this lip tar really does the trick
Try it out next time you feel ambitious
It's worth it.

If you were going to dress up as a celebrity, who would you be?

14 July 2013

Section 2 of Anime Expo

I forgot to upload more of my photos from earlier!
So here they are now...

A picture of me while I'm holding my phone
On my phone is a picture of me
How ironic

I believe this is Bro and Dave Strider

Umbrella Corp. came to Anime Expo as well!

Trickster!Roxy came to our booth and bought stuff from us, so I requested a picture
She's so adorable

Ghost Buster John also came by to say hello

This is me as Roxy with Jade

A selca(?) as Roxy

That concludes my Anime Expo postings...
Until next year!

I have a feeling we're gonna be there again

Star Trek was so popular this year, too
We sold out of Chekov in less than one day! Amazing!

08 July 2013

Thank You Anime Expo!

Anime Expo this year was fantastic!!
I ran a booth with my friend called Koumimix.
We were booth 15J

I took selcas of myself at the booth while working w w w

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

I actually did some major cosplaying on Day 4 because I really wanted to be Roxy Lalonde

People were very open and nice to us at the booth...
I just wanna thank everyone who came out to look at our merchandise, and even buy it!
We put our heart, mind and soul into our products
(My palm hurts from cutting out all those Chekov design badges... Man, was he popular!!)

Enjoy your summer!