28 February 2013

Rokoko Pt.1

I was going back and listening to all the older songs I loved
And I found a bunch from the 1990s and early 2000s!

This was one of my favorite non-Japanese songs of all time:

This is called "Sweet Lullaby"
It is an old folklore song from the Solomon Islands

I really like it because it is calming and the abstract video just amazes me

This is a song from the artist KOKIA, who is very talented
She can sing traditional Japanese, which is so surprising
It is one of the hardest things to learn, at least, to me

It is titled "Harmony" in English
She sings the lyrics in what a lot of people call backwards
But it is sort of like Pig Latin in Japanese...
She also uses numbers in the beginning to spell out the title of the song

3[C] 25[Y] 15[O] 21[U] 23[W] 1[A]

Cyouwa is Japanese for Harmony

21 February 2013

Noses Know

I was struck with unluckiness!

I broke out on my nose, and it really hurts
The bumps are really hard, even though there are only three of them
They form a triangle w w w w
What bad luck ||orz

I hope they heal soon
I hate having acne or any blemishes on my face
I'm even thinking about covering it with a band aid just because it looks that horrifying to me w

Before the break out, though,
I took a picture of myself in a different angle:

I shaded my nose pretty heavily on the sides
And smiled differently, too
UOAH Look at that clear nose... (;A;)
Let me be back to normal......

Did you know that smiling a different way can change the way your nose looks in a picture?
Try it sometime! You might like it!

19 February 2013

Time to Refresh the Page

As my title says,

It's time for renovation!!

Yes, I have changed some words and my banner
Because I recently have been confusing people with my Tumblr/Facebook shop
So, I changed my blog name to KARACON Koumi

In Japan, those who are in the know of color contact lens and circle lens have shortened the name to "colorcon"
In Romaji, the word "colorcon" is written as "karacon", hence the renaming of my blog.

That's all for now!
Making a banner on my primitive computer is very hard work (I used SAI Paint Program).

I still have reviews to write, so I'll
See you in the next post w w w

18 February 2013

Allergies Won't Stop Me Now

This is my first spring time in California
I'm dying!! ||orz

Sneezing hurts a lot when there's pressure in the nasal cavity...

Please make sure to take care of yourself this spring!
The pollen is starting to swirl around in the wind

I got accepted into the semi-finals for going to Germany!
My interview is on February 23rd, 2013

If I am chosen, the deal is that I will be living in Germany for a year
With a host family, of course!
I really want this opportunity

So please support me!!!

I really like Germany; so many of my relatives and friends have gone to visit
I'm jealous w w

I've been studying German for two years (excluding the independent study for three years)
So, I'm really excited to apply for this event!!

I'm sure all of my spending money is going to fashion and food, though w w w w w
Oh, and lots of pictures too

If you would,
Please pray for me to get into the finals
And hopefully be chosen to go!!

14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you get lots of love and chocolates this year!

It's been a very long week for me  w w
I finally picked up my writing, so I finally updated Tanagura Archive, which is a fan blog dedicated to the BL novel Ai no Kusabi.
Tanagura Archive is in the perspective of the furniture (housekeeper..?) named Daryl. The letters are addressed to Riki (the main character of the novel and story... he's a slum-city boy)
I haven't written too much because of the limited time I have (I had dance auditions on Wednesday), so the story is just beginning. And yes! Anyone can participate and write a letter to Riki for Tanagura Archive. Just send your letter in to ankdaryl@gmail.com

Here is my simple makeup for Valentine's Day

The hearts have sparkles in them, but they look too small to see apparently orz
Oh well.
I'll be reviewing the lens I'm wearing in the picture soon
They are: Celeb Nudy Pink!

The makeup I used for this look:
-Maybelline Gel liner (Aubergine Farbe)
-K-Palette 24hr Tattoo eyeliner (Black)
-Victoria Jackson blush (It came in a palette, so I have no idea)
-BN Micro Fiber double eyelid fiber (Nudy)

And that's it!

See you soon in a review!

11 February 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!
I hope everyone had a good time.

The celebrations have now ended.

On CNY's Eve,
My family and I went out to a restaurant

We sat there waiting for our food
for 2 hours.
It was SO busy!

w w w w w w We started bullying the employees by teasing them
and my father broke plates when he tried to bus the table himself!
We even went to the kitchen and scooped rice for ourselves

Overall, it was a good celebration!

Happy 2013!

03 February 2013

From My Tumblr - Prodigurls 148 Pearl Grey Lens Review

So, I'm going to be forwarding my review on Prodigurls Pearl Grey here on Blogger from my other blog on Tumblr... (^ ^;)
These lenses were sponsored to me by Apple of Your Eyes!
They have a huge selection of circle lenses.
For Facebook fans, you get $3 off for each pair; use the code KM29 to get an extra 5% off on your purchase!

So, here's the review on:

Prodigurls 148/ Absolute Pearl Grey

One Lens
Both Lens

Color: Grey
Diameter: 14.8mm
Water content: 38%
Base curve: 8.6mm
Manufacturer: Fynale
Duration: 6 months to 1 year/12 months

Before I start, I would like to announce that Prodigurl Lenses come only in -0.50 steps, so the prescriptions -0.25, -0.75, etc. are not available.

Design/Color: 4/5

Wow! I really like the subtle color of the lenses. It kind of reminds me of Dizon Eye lens..? The grey color isn’t too shocking, which I preferably like. The lenses’ design is very simple, but I think that simple can be better than an overly-complicated one. The lenses are two-toned, being grey color with a thin black outer ring.

Enlargement: 3.5/5

Although the lenses state they are 14.8mm, they really don’t look it! If you look closely, a couple millimeters of the lens is clear; the print of the lens is not too close to the edge of the lens. I think that they look more like 14.5mm or 14.3mm lenses. Still, they are really something! Prodigurls Pearl Grey gives off a good enlarging effect on my eyes, so I’m very happy.

Comfort: 5/5

This is the most comfortable lens I have ever tried! First of all, the lenses are thinner than most circle lenses, so it feels almost as thin as regular non-color lenses. Throughout my photo session and the rest of the day, the lenses stayed moist and hydrated. I didn't even have to use eye drops at all! That’s a really good sign.

Overall: 4/5

I wanna say that these are really, really nice lenses! It’s not everyday that lenses like these are so comfortable and look simply nice. I really recommend it for a subtle change in your eyes or if you want to go to work with color contact lenses.
I have to thank Amu for taking pictures for me w w

Thank you for reading this review!