31 December 2012

Happy New Year!

I wish everyone a great 2013!

22 December 2012


It's finally winter!
Now we can enjoy ice skating, the holidays, and (for me) Kentucky Fried Chicken w w
I fancy chicken on Christmas Eve for a very strange reason...

I received an expensive ceramic flat iron as an early Christmas present from my father!
Thank you so much! (> <) I owe you a lot!!

I took a picture on Friday that I forgot to post ||orz
I got some cute Hello Kitty gauges (8mm, I think) from my Secret Santa
I love them; I missed wearing ear pieces so much

Tomorrow, I will be departing to Los Angeles and staying there for ten days!
I'll post my trip soon!!

What are you doing for the holidays?

16 December 2012

Photo Shoot

On Friday,
I went to a photo shoot

I am advertising a hair straightener (*^_^*)
The hair straightener uses steam to smooth your hair and straighten it! I really love how smooth my hair feels right now
The smoothness lasts for 2 days as well~

I really hope that this will be one of the pictures chosen to be used in the winter edition

This is the unofficial, unedited photo w w

I want to advertise hair dye one day!

13 December 2012

Gel Nail and Update

Yesterday was 12.12.12!
So, at 12:12PM, my friends and I picked up our textbooks and dropped them onto the ground! w w
We heard other people screaming in the other room
I guess 12.12.12 is a very special day! We're going to have to wait until 22.2.22 for the next celebration

So, I got my nails done
They are faux gel nails
We used CANMAKE's beauty nail products
It looks really nice
And I added sparkles and gems to it as well

I notice that I am getting a lot older than last year w w ||orz
But I think it depends how I act and put my hair up (or something to that extent)

This is when I try to act like a kid! (I want to try wearing bigger circle lens for a childish look..?)
Did I mention that I really love Shiina Hikari's look?
She is adorable! Also, she produced her first song!
Please check it out:

I want to choreograph to this~

02 December 2012

Ai no Kusabi Fan Blog Launched!!


Our Ai no Kusabi fan blog has launched!!

Daryl will be writing all the archives
Addressed to Riki, Iason, Katze, Raoul and more!

Please check it out, follow us, and support!!

Click HERE!! to visit

Tanagura Archive


OOTD and Outing

I tried on my new wig I got back in September
It's super gold w w

Awkward the way my clothes hang on me
I don't really understand the loose top and tight bottom of my sweater shirt though...

I also wore my Hyper Black no.2 lenses

It reminds me of a men's wig for cosplay w w w
I don't think I'm very fitting to become a man
I'd be a very emasculated(?) one if I was.. /laughs

After that,
I went with my father to eat at a restaurant

We had fresh Hamachi! It was delicious, but I didn't get to take a picture ||orz

We look too young here...