27 April 2013

Daiso Face Roller Results

So I finally took pictures of my experiment using the face roller I purchased at Daiso!

This thing:

The first day before using it:

Wow, I didn't have any makeup on, I was tired, and my hair was soaking wet when I took this picture w w
And the lighting makes my nose look really off center... ||orz

A month later, this is what my jaw looks like now:

A little slimmer, right?!
I think my jawline doesn't look so angular
Also, the left side of my face has no makeup
And there's better lighting in this photo ;;

Since I used the face roller daily,
It actually really did make my face a bit slimmer than before
So I'm really happy how it turned out!

Now I look slimmer when I angle my face to the camera
I like camera tricks w w w w w

If you ever try it,
I'd love to know your results, too!!

20 April 2013

Double Eyelid Tape Review (Uniqso)

I bought double eyelid tape in White Bold from Uniqso
So here's my review!

There are about 10 sheets of eyelid tape in the package, so this will pretty much last me a long time

When you peel off the white paper covering the tape, the tape is actually clear and sticky.

I have a really hidden tapered double eyelid on one eye, as you can see below


After, with tape

What I like:

The tape is very easy to use. It is double-sided, so it's sticky and adhesive on both the front and back of the tape. I didn''t have a problem applying the tapes to my eyelids at all, which is kind of a miracle for me because I usually don't find the right spot to put the tape on for at least two tries. Since I make my eyelid into a parallel double eyelid, I didn't feel the tape irritate or jab my skin. The tape held the double eyelid all day; I'm thankful for that because I use eyelid tapes every day. Also, removing the tape is very easy. I just close my eyes and lift my eyebrow up with my finger, and the tape is exposed. From there, I just wipe it off along with my makeup using a makeup remover towelette.

Something I dislike:

The white paper covering the clear tapes are a little difficult to take off. Sometimes, the tape will get stuck to the paper, so I have to separate them with great patience.


I really adore these eyelid tapes! They fit my eye length perfectly and give my a really good result when using them. I prefer these over one-sided eyelid tapes, definitely. I am certainly going to repurchase these when I need more.

Thanks for stopping by!
If you're interested, check out more of their eyelid tapes as well. They have four types listed as of RIGHT NOW!

Springtime, Getting Ready for Summertime!

I received some really cool things over the last week!

New double eyelid tape from Uniqso

And I also bought SOS Leg Panic in Daly City
I was actually picking up a bouquet of flowers for my friend when I saw the shop also selling this
So I decided to go ahead and buy it
I thought, "Hey, this can't hurt, right? I've always wanted slimmer legs!"
We'll see how the results turn out after a month.

And I also got these in the mail yesterday w w
I wanted to try out the Kira Kira series just to see if it was worth all the rave people have been giving it

They really do look gorgeous, too!

I'm really behind in blogging, but I'll try to keep up

17 April 2013

April Fever!

It's been so busy this month!
Thankfully, I had some time to celebrate on April 13th~
April 13th was Homestuck day, so I dressed up as Roxy Lalonde

My outfit was bought from Yes Style back in 2012

Curling my hair was interesting because I had to spray it with hairspray first and use a straightening iron to make the curls instead
Nevertheless, I think it turned out OK.

My right eye did some strange double eyelid fold, so I just left it alone
Thankfully, I didn't have to fix it because it looked pretty alright in the photos! w w

And that's all for now!

Swimsuits for the Summer


It's a three piece suit
A bikini is underneath the dress!

I really need to get into shape w w w ||orz