27 November 2012

Clara A Green Circle Lens Review

I'm finally doing my review for


One lens
Both lens

Color: Green
Water content: 38%
Diameter: 14.2mm
Manufacturer: iContact Lens Korea
Base curve: 8.6 (also can be available in 8.4)
Duration: 1 year/12 months
Disposable soft lens

Color and Design: 3/5

I really love how the design looks! In fact, it reminds me of a copy of either the Bitter Sugar lens from Loyal Lens (in Japan), or a subtle version of the NEO Vision Dali Extra Green. They make my eyes really dolly with a halo effect to them. Thankfully, they don't slide in my eye! I really love the chocolate outer edge of the coloring dye because it doesn't look too harsh like a black outline. The green really doesn't show up in certain lights and angles, so I'm kind of sad about that though.

Enlargement: 3/5

These are a 14.2mm lens diameter, so I really like how it looks! It isn't too large in my eye, so it's very natural, actually. I ordered these in PLANO prescription, so I wear them with my glasses now; they give me a cute look, but they don't make me look bug-eyed, which is a good thing! I definitely recommend 14.2mm and 14.5mm lenses because the enlargement is just enough for smaller eyes.

Comfort: 5/5

During the time I've been wearing these lens, I haven't felt any discomfort from the lens at all. They are very thin and they feel moisturized in my eye. I believe that the only time I've felt any discomfort was when my eyes were very dry and the lens would not un-suction from my eye! ww It was kind of a challenge, but I got it out without damaging my eye by running my eye with the saline solution while taking it out.

Overall: 3.5/5

These are really nice lens! I can't believe how comfortable they feel and how the halo effect doesn't make the lens majorly slide in my eyes. These are very hard to find, so I recommend you looking for them with a range of $30 to even $50 or $60 because of the Japanese market pricing for circle lens. They're very natural and subtle, but great for wearing if you don't want a huge eye color change. If I was still a student, I would wear them to school. www

Thanks for reading my review!

25 November 2012

Oi! Selling Stuff!

Second post of the day, but...
I'm selling my old merchandise starting today!

What I have right now is...

No. 1! "Kiss of Fire" Art book (from the BL series "Haru Wo Daiteita" or "Embracing Love") by Youka Nitta

This art book comes with four love letters that the characters wrote to each other. It is concealed in a nice textured paper envelope!
This is a translated copy of the art book, so there is English available to read in the book. I advise that you should be 18 or older to purchase this book because of the Parental Advisory on the cover, but this is completely up to you. There isn't any majorly inappropriate scenes in this art book. (*^_^*)

I'm going to price this at $15.00 USD!
Shipping will be calculated when you contact me.

No. 2! Necklaces and bracelets!

These are some jewelry I've never worn before, so it still had the original tag on it. I made sure there isn't any rust or blemishes on the material, so they are in good condition!
Here are the designs:
1) Dolly figurine charm (Necklace)
2) Bambi deer with flower charms (Necklace)
3) Gemstone multi-color hearts (Bracelet)

This is an open offer! You can bargain for a price~
The lowest limit is $1.00 USD!
Shipping will be calculated when you contact me.

I only accept Paypal transaction and local meet ups in the Bay Area
So please make sure you are 101% confident that you will buy the item.

Thank you very much!

Recorded and Exhausted

On Friday,
I went to record a dance piece with my friend, Mimi!
Unfortunately, things did not go as planned...
So I'll be recording again sometime ||orz

It was the holidays on Thursday,
But I didn't go out anywhere to celebrate.
It's was a little lonely for me this year
But that's OK! There's always next year~

Tomorrow is another day of work, so
I'll have to update later!
I have a new review for you, though!!
So please stay tuned for that (^_^)

Recently, I've been going to a lot of restaurants alone
It's interesting to dine by myself...

Anyway, dancing is really fun!
But it also wears me down at times

ww You can see how exhausted I am in this photo!
And I tried out my camera angle from 2010-2011 again in this
I miss looking young~

Thank you for continuing to supporting me!
It's almost 2013!!

21 November 2012


A few weeks ago,
I decided to do some experiments on circle lenses
I heard about the Rubbing Alcohol Dye Safety test, so I decided to try it on my already expired
Barbie Eye Princess Lace Blue lenses

So the test goes like this: 
1) Fill a small dish with rubbing alcohol liquid
2) Place a contact lens into the solution
3) Wait for a minute to two minutes
4) Take it out of the solution and place it on a piece of tissue or absorbing paper
5) With a cotton q-tip, rub the colored parts of the contact lens in circle-like patterns for about 30 seconds
6) Observe the q-tip. If the q-tip has any coloring on it, that indicates that the contact lens' dye is not printed inside the lens, but rather printed on top of the lens.

Color lens should never have dye touching your eye! It is very dangerous and will damage your eyes as time progresses and you wear them often.

The blue dye rubbed off onto the q-tip! (> <||)

After a few more rubs, the entire dye and design came off!! (; ^ ;)
This is really saddening for me to see.

Please be aware that you cannot wear the lens that you have soaked in rubbing alcohol...

||orz I'm really sad that there are fake lens
So please,
Be careful when you buy circle lens! You should always make sure they are safe!

19 November 2012

Marukai and Potsticker King Restaurant

On Saturday,
I went out to Marukai to buy my household and cosmetic products!
Besides the shampoo and conditioner (food too), I bought these:

A bottom lash curler and nudy-colored double eyelid fiber
I really love this type of fiber because there are two techniques to apply it on your eyelids
The nudy color really makes it look natural, so I'm happy!

After that
I went to Potsticker King Restaurant
It is a Chinese restaurant, so I had my friend order in Mandarin for me w w
We ordered three types; so much food!

Sweet and sour soup was very good!
Of course, we had to order potstickers! They were so big; it was really delicious!
And there was also Kung Pao Chicken!!

Everything was so yummy,
I ate so much more than I had in the entire week! w w w
Because I usually don't eat much,
It really surprised me that I could eat a lot!

Maybe if you are in California, you can check this place out too!
It is really good; the customer service is also amazing... so kind~ (^o^)

15 November 2012

Performance Makeup

I am doing a performance with my dance-mates!!

I train in Traditional Japanese dance and Modern Pop dance
So we are performing in traditional clothes w

Before I get my hair done
I had to pin it up.
The back is very difficult to pin!! (> <);;

w w I look so serious here
But no,
Please support me! I promise to do my best!!

Tomorrow is another recording for Lyrical Jazz type choreography to the song
"If I Die Young"!

14 November 2012

I won Anna's (Fenua Beaute) Giveaway! Twist Tornado Green Circle Lens Review

It's been months late, but I finally got around to do this!
First, and most importantly, I want to thank Anna for hosting the great giveaway on her blog
She's a fantastic blogger and her layout is spectacular! If you don't already follow her on GFC, go and do it. I'm sure you'll enjoy all of her posts as much as I do. She writes in both English and German, which I find is very unique and dandy!!

I won:

Twist Tornado Green (from Speciallens.com)!

One lens

Both lens (with eyeliner w)

Color: Green
Water content: 38%
Diameter: 14.5mm
Manufacturer: Dueba
Base curve: 8.6
Duration: 1 year/12 months
Disposable soft lens

Design and Color: 4/5

When I first saw these lenses online, I thought they didn't look spectacular but I decided to try it anyway. I said to myself, "Hey, maybe they'll be nice on my eyes and I might actually like them." And I was right! I really love the design of these lens on my eyes. They are swirls, and remind me a bit of the Barbie Eye lens... Color-wise, the green really shows nicely and changes my eye color. It really was a good pick.

Enlargement: 3.5/5

Since it is a 14.5mm diameter lens, it enlarges just enough to make my eyes look bigger! I'm glad that they are only 14.5mm, though, because I don't prefer to look like a bug w w w I think 14.5mm is a good match for me as of right now. It still gives me a cute and dolly look that I want.

Comfort: 4/5

I didn't have to use eye drops for the first 5 hours! I'm pretty satisfied that it didn't dry out during the day since, in my town, the sun is getting pretty bright even though it's supposed to be wintertime w w I think it was a miracle that these lens can withstand the glaring sunlight, so 5 hours without eye drops is totally amazing in this aspect. I think, when it is less sunny, these lens won't dry out at all the entire day.

Overall: 4/5

Really in love with these lens right now! I suggest getting these for a nice eye color change, and if you still want a black rim around the edge of the circle lens. I imagine it would be great for cosplay and even modeling pictures. w w w w OK, all modeling pictures that I have seen look good with circle lens, but that is just my opinion (I think I may have read too much Ageha and Popteen years back). Thanks, Anna and Speciallens.com!

Thanks for reading this review!

11 November 2012

Daily Make

Yesterday, I went to a meet up with my clients!
I did my makeup differently and I look really, really Chinese w w

My friends all told me to put it up on my Weibo, so I did:

I also received Prodigurls' 148 Pearl Grey lenses in the mail
Kindly sponsored by Apple of Your Eyes shop!

I'll be reviewing them on my Tumblr account!

So, more about my day yesterday~
I was kidding around! (*^_^*)

I went to a French bakery and bought a baguette, two mini red velvet cupcakes, and an orange scone pastry! They were all very delicious, but I shared the orange scone and gave one of the red velvet cupcakes to my friends w w w

I didn't feel very serious after meeting with clients, so I had a fun time afterward!
 And that concludes what I did on Saturday

07 November 2012

Dolly Wink Cornetto Pink Lens Review

Hello, everybody!!
Today, I'm doing a review on

Dolly Wink Cornetto Pink

Both lenses

One lens

Color: Pink
Water content: 48%
Diameter: 19.8mm
Manufacturer: EOS
Base curve: 8.6
Duration: 1 year/12 months
Disposable soft lens

Design and Color: 2.5/5

I thought these lenses would be a decent pink color near the middle, but it turns out they look very green and yellow instead! Figures, though, because these lenses are 4 tone. It was kind of disappointing, but the design totally made up for the lack of pink color. I totally love how pretty the design is!! It looks like flare patterns or flower petals to me.

Enlargement: 4/5

I'd say that Dolly Wink lenses are not truly 19.8mm; I compared them to my MX-21 lenses and they look about 14.5mm. It still enlarges pretty well and there is definitely a size difference from my natural eye compared to when I wear the lens.

Comfort: 5/5

These are absolutely amazing at keeping my eye hydrated the entire day! I don't need to use eye drops for these lens. The lens don't seem to shift in my eye, which is a good sign since my base curve is 0.3mm below the lens' base curve. My vision is very clear when looking through these lens! I'm very happy about the vision being clear because I have had problems with circle lens' prescription power before.

Overall: 3.5/5

The Cornetto lens are very cool in design! It does not have the color of pink, but the design does make it unique. I think, next time, I would recommend getting a different color other than pink because you will not get a pink color from Cornetto lens series. If you like green colors, I would definitely recommend you to get this! It looks very pretty in photos as well.

You can find these lenses for sale HERE!

These lenses come with a super-duper cute case as well!

Thanks for reading!

Look forward to:
-Clara Green lens Review
-Hyper no.2 lens Review
-Prodigurls Pearl Grey lens Review

05 November 2012

More Update

Hi everyone!

I just wanna let you know that my review for Clara Green circle lens is going to be postponed~
Sorry! (>A<);;

Today I received two lenses!!

Dolly Wink Cornetto Pink

Hyper no. 2 Black

I'm going to review them at separate times


I forgot that it was Daylight Savings here on Saturday night
So, when I woke up
My phone said it was 5 AM and my wall clock said it was 6 AM!

I was really confused and started panicking w w
I had to go to my neighbor's house to ask them what time it was and why w w w w w
I hope I didn't cause you trouble, Mr. and Mrs. neighbors! \(^o^)/