31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

I participated in a "Thriller" flash mob today!!

Anatomy is so fun to draw on my face
I had lots of amazing events today

I want to thank my fellow dancers for cooperating so well
There was a mishap in the beginning of the song (it glitched), but I'm glad we didn't freak out and all that jazz w w w
I also want to thank Instructor for helping us keep the beat

We were lively!
I'm so glad (>//<)
Thank you all who came to participate in this! It was fun!

27 October 2012

G&G Blossom Brown Lens Review

Before I start
I apologize for the messy quality of the pictures!!
It's been a really busy week for me and I look so tired ||orz
So now...

I'm reviewing

G&G Blossom Brown

One lens comparison
Both lens

Color: Brown
Water content: 38%
Diameter: 14.5mm
Manufacturer: G&G
Base curve: 8.6
Duration: 1 year/ 12 months
Disposable soft lens

Design and Color: 4/5

The brown really looks very golden-yellow to me, but I guess it is considered as a brown..? I'm not very fond of yellow tints, but I think it looks OK on my eyes. I believe that the yellow would look super beautiful on a lighter eye color, but that is just my opinion. The blossom design is really pretty and it reminds me of slightly curved tidal waves.

Enlargement: 3.5/5

14.5mm are really a nice match for my liking right now. It gives me incentive to wear some makeup... just the minimal necessities. The black ring makes it look a bit smaller than it really is, but nevertheless, it is still pleasing and I definitely notice a change in enlargement.

Comfort: 3/5

I'd say that these aren't the greatest lens to wear for a whole 8 to 10 hours. They start to sting after having them in for 4 hours. I tried eye drops, but it really wasn't helpful. I would love to wear these out longer, but I guess it will only be for photos and short trips outside.

Overall: 3.5/5

I like these lenses, but I'm not sure if I can appreciate them to its fullest because of the uncomfortable dryness in my eyes. Perhaps, my opinion will change later on. Not a bad purchase, though! It was a nice price, so I am very happy I got them. They look mystic in their own way. (*^_^*)

Halloween is almost here!! What are you dressing up as?

I want to cosplay as Iruka Umino (from Naruto), but we'll see how everything goes!!

See you later!!

24 October 2012

G&G Blossom Brown (SG1) Preview

I'm really excited to try on these lens!!

I've been searching for these in prescription for about a year
And my hard work of searching paid off w w w w w

This review is coming soon!


I ordered glasses only a week ago, and now I've received them!
How do they look?

w w  I really miss my dark hair sometimes, so I wore a wig

I have some PLANO lens in my storage, so I'll wear those occasionally with my glasses
They're becoming part of my everyday life... w ||orz

I can't believe that I bought 4,000 yen PLANO circle lenses back in Japan
I thought they were really cheap, but it turns out that many circle lens websites sell them for only 15 USD to 25 USD!! Amazing...

Little facts from Japan:
Circle lenses that are sold in shops such as convenience stores all meet the FDA requirements in the country, so many of the lenses do not last one year. They are usually monthlies, 3-month, or 6-month lens
The brands I like the most are Twinkle Eyes, Celebrity Eyes, and Fairy
All of them cost an average of 3,980 yen
Expensive, yeah?! (oAo);;

19 October 2012

Updated And Dyed Hair

I chose an Ash Brown color from an American known company called Garnier
The package was named "Acorn", so it was a brown color I chose for my hair
It completely changed my roots from black to the chosen brown color!

I'm super happy about that because a lot of other hair dyes don't change my roots' color!

In rich lighting

In normal lighting

It can look like chocolate brown in some lighting
But it is also an ash brown in others!

It varies so much in lighting
I'm very happy!!

Are you excited for Halloween??
I can hardly wait for it!

Today, I went to get my hair dyed

But my camera isn't great right now

17 October 2012

Playing With Makeup Color

I chose green and pink hues today

I can't wait to try out more!

Also, new lens review is coming up soon:
CLARA Green Lens!

16 October 2012

Beauty Makeup

Today, I received a really huge package of my beauty supplies!!

I bought
-88 color eye shadow palette
-7 brush set with woven-pattern fold case
-10 pairs of ready-to-use thick eyelashes

The supplier I bought from also gave me some freebies!!
Blush and another pair of false eyelashes!

I hope I can use these colors soon!

I went to get my eyes checked today and...

My prescription increased to -5.00!! Σ(゚д゚lll)

15 October 2012

Cherry Cherry Berry


I readjusted my typing structure today
Since I have Blogger on my mobile now!!
Sorry for the inconsistency with the structure
I'm not familiar with the mobile yet
ww OK

I finally wore my red circle lens!
They kept folding out of my eye (;^;)
But I finally got them in without too much trouble after cleaning them about 3 times

I can't wait for Halloween!

What are you going to dress up as?

09 October 2012

Upgraded to the 4S

I finally got the iPhone 4S to use
Until December
Then I plan to get the Android or something...

08 October 2012

MX-21 Black Lens Review

Today, I'm reviewing

MX-21 Black

Color: Black
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water content: 38%
Base curve: 8.6mm
Duration: 1 year/12 months
Disposable soft lens

One lens
Both lens

Design and Color: 4/5

The MX-21 Black lens are very hard to find reviews for. I tried searching many sites for reviews, but there were barely any. For the design of the lens, I really love how the spikes are meant to blend into your natural eye color; it really does blend! I'm very happy with the color as well. It's a solid black, but it doesn't look too alien-like. The only thing I would not prefer is when the circle lens slides in your eye. When it does, you can really see the white in your eye.

Enlargement: 3.5/5

These don't look very enlarging, but still gives off a dolly and cute look! I really love these lens because the enlargement was just enough for me to wear it everywhere without people knowing that I have circle lens on. I think I could even wear this daily if I wanted to!

Comfort: 4/5

At first, I had a little trouble finding the right side of the lens because the front and back looks almost exactly the same. Once I found the right side, though, I felt nothing at all. My eyelashes gave me some difficulty, but the lens themselves were not the cause of my eyelashes! w w w w w

Overall: 4/5

I really love how much these lens make my eyes a lot more interesting! The enlargement is just right for everyday wear and the comfort is really great. When you don't have to use eye drops, it is a miraculous thing! I really recommend these lens because they blend so well and look so nice and natural.

Back to normal today
I took this picture with my normal camera angle because today was just a very normal day
w w

06 October 2012

Big Big Eyed Princess

This week has been so busy!
It's not easy juggling stress of business and other things

On Wednesday, I decided to try out a new technique of dramatic makeup

Finally! I have some nice quality pictures
w w

Someone told me that my eyes are damaged because I wear circle lens.
It's really not true! There are so many people who wear contact lens and circle lens!!
We have to take care of our circle lens and make sure its environment is clean so our eyes won't get infected.

I almost wanted to say to the person,
"Are you kidding me?"

The whole scare of circle lens damaging your eyes is a myth.
As long as you follow instructions for lens care and stay away from defective and fraud circle lens, your eyes will be in good shape.

w w w Enough of my ranting

Now I feel like purchasing some circle lens with HUGE enlargement!!
Any suggestions?

01 October 2012

I came home to check my mailbox today...

And it was full of packages!

Some of the packages
I'm not sure who the senders are, but it was addressed to my name

I received a lot of sponsors and cards
My face was in a frozen state for almost three minutes! w w w
I almost wished nothing had happened w

Also, I found German football stickers inside the package of Hanuta sweets!
I couldn't believe that there was my favorite football player in the stickers: Bastian Schweinsteiger

Can I tell you how delicious hazelnut chocolate wafers are?

More reviews are sure to come!
Let's get things going!!