29 August 2012

New Hair!

I got my hair bleached and dyed
But I did this myself!

On Amazon, I found some lovely bleaching kits made by Manic Panic
So I used one of them to bleach my hair

For dark hair, your hair will not completely turn white
It will be a orange-y to yellow color
But don't worry!
Hair dye can fix that in an instant

Next, I used Clairol's Light Ash Blonde hair dye

It made my hair lighter, but retained my orange tint

My makeup was inspired by Egg Magazine:

I used two double eyelid fibers for more of a crease and extra hold!

27 August 2012

LIZ LISA And Pinky Girls

From Pinky Girls, I got a knit sailor dress with tattoo stockings!
So cute!
Close up on tattoo stocking

I received blue suspender shorts!
LIZ LISA is my favorite brand for clothing because it's so frilly and nicely made

The blouse is from Forever 21

Kimimi got me an Aikawa Kozue (from DANCEROID) mascot keychain

So adorable!

Retiring Some Circle Lens

It's time to say goodbye to
-Walkure/WX Chocolate Brown
-Feelcon 30 Days Circle Black

Both lens are 14.5mm

JPOP Summit Festival

Thank you everyone who met up with me at the JPOP Summit Festival!

I thought I was done travelling, but I wasn't w w
Really, I thought I would still be back home w w w w w

None of these pictures are in order

I had croquette curry for dinner on the first day of JPOP Summit

On the second day after taking off my costume... sort of w w

First day of JPOP Summit before the sign was up

Before we left for the festival on the second day, I was Dirk Strider

Also, I bought DANCEROID's official soundtrack album at New People

I only saw a few others cosplaying from Homestuck on day two...
So sad, but at least I met with three people who were really sweet!
From left to right and then bottom is
Dave, Aradia, Jake and Dirk (Dirk is me)

Everyone was so nice! I'm really enjoying my time

My friend and I went shooting

I really like the AR-15
It's my favorite! w w

In a lot of other countries, they don't let you shoot
So this was really an experience for my friend and I

Reviews are coming soon!
Stay tuned!

24 August 2012

When I look into the mirror, my face always looks like...

So pout face w w

I've been drawing on my eyebrows a lot thicker now because my bangs are starting to part a lot more

I noticed
I lost a lot of weight during this summer

I'm back to 43kg
The last time I was 43kg was back when I was graduating middle school w w w orz
I was so chubby as a child...

My goal is to be 39.9kg!!!

Haha, but wait until the holidays come around
What if I gain weight? orz

Got to step up the dancing

22 August 2012

Red and Orange

I'm getting ready for some major flash mob events!!

On April 13th of 2013,
There will be an international flash mob!

More details will be out soon

I'm going to be the choreographer for this huge event
So many of the videos will be posted on the MSPA Forums (where the main idea is held)
And on this blog for easier access

Get ready for some upcoming reviews!

I will also be reviewing
Vassen Nova Red circle lens

In 2013!

20 August 2012


I'm back home now!!

I'll be seeing all my friends a little later, though
Everyone seems really busy because of school...

I went to my cousin's wedding!
I'm so happy for him and his wife

My brother was there with me too!
I thought he wasn't coming, but my father arrived just in time

I did a major work out with my hair and did an up 'do even though it was so short
It was really difficult, but it looked good in the end!!

12 August 2012

Red from Dance

I've been all out of breath recently
Because of the intense dancing I've been doing here!!

Kimimi has gone to Mishima already
She won't be back until around two weeks from now.

I'm practicing the original choreography for "Crystalmethequins" and "Serenade"
Both are by a fantastic composer group from the Homestuck fandom

Now, I know it is just a fandom for a comic, but the music is very pretty!



Each song is about five minutes long, and I get tired at around four minutes!

My feet have been covered in black soot for the longest time because I dance in the backyard patio each day with a window reflection for a mirror

The heat is scorching here, but I'll pursue on!!

Though, I have to say
Having my toes hurt and turn pink because I stand on them every few seconds doesn't help!

Remembering to point your toes!!
It's a big, big standard in order to complete a jump or kick in the dance piece

I'll get back to it tomorrow...

Onto my new makeovers!

On the left eye, I've put two pieces of eyelid fiber on my lid to make it higher and more angular
I tried to recreate a non-Asian eyelid fold

On the right eye, that is my natural double eyelid
Of course, it is an Asian double eyelid because it's not as angular and high up than the left eye
It is also rounder in its crease fold

I'm going to try and crease my eyelids higher and more angular for my makeup this month and see how it goes!

That's all for now!

10 August 2012

Reviews Coming Soon

I am going to be posting new reviews for products I am going to receive next month or so!!

Here's some of things I am planning on reviewing:

-Eye Charm Double Eyelid Tape (breathable, one-sided kind)
-MX21 Black lens (14.5mm)
-Gothic 3tones Turquoise (14.5mm)

And more!

Right now, I'm planning on recruiting dancers
Who really love Homestuck!!
So the Homestuck fandom will have a great dance group along with the many talented fans out there

Please contact me if you're interested,
And if you have any suggestions
Or would like to volunteer as a dance instructor!!

I am only one person,
So help would really be appreciated!!!

07 August 2012

Disneyland On Sunday

Kimimi and I went to Disneyland on Sunday!

We dressed really casually
And no one recognized us 

Here's some of the pictures we took:

Mainly, I took pictures of Kimimi
She wore the green shirt

Then, we went to see the 4PM parade show!

None of these are in order w
 It was still really cool!

I love the makeup the members used
Everything was well choreographed and neat!

Next time, I will try to go onto the Indiana Jones ride
And Space Mountain!