05 August 2013

Feelcon 30 Days Comfy Natural Circle Black Lens Review

Long time, no blog update!
I've been so busy with life, I forgot to blog it out w w w
But that's really not a good thing, now is it? ||orz

As of now,
I'm sitting at an airport terminal, typing away on my small Chromebook
I'm waiting to meet up with my group, then we'll head off to Germany
How fun

Here's a review on the black lenses I got back a while ago
I hope this makes up for my laziness this past month

These are the
Comfy Natural Circle Black lenses!

Both lenses

One lens

Color: Black
Base curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14.2mm
Water content: 55%
Duration: 1 month/30 days
Manufacturer/Company: Feelcon Lenses

Color and Design: 3/5

The design's pretty simple, as it's just there for a natural enlarging effect on eyes. I'd say that, although the lenses look pretty pixelated, they still blend in with my natural eye color and don't look like they are fake from afar. I've never had the problem of someone noticing that I was wearing circle lens... but maybe that's just me and the people I hang out with. The color of the lens are pretty dark, but not overwhelmingly black colored. That's perfect; I was looking for a natural circle lens, and I got it.

Enlargement: 2/5

These lens are supposed to look natural, so it's understandable that they do not enlarge my iris much. As you can see in the pictures, there is a slight enlargement that (to me at least) makes a pretty big difference. I can wear these lens out without makeup; it's really great, especially on days where I vegetate on the couch or in bed while browsing the internet on my smart phone.

Comfort: 4/5

Comfy Natural Circle lenses are pretty comfortable for me. I heard that the brown lenses weren't very good, so I avoided those and went for these. They have enough moisture to keep my eyes hydrated, so I don't have to use eye drops during the day. I can claim that they really are comfy, as the name tells me so.

Vision: 4/5

Since I have prescription, I usually test how well I can see with different lens. These ones are pretty good on clear vision. I don't have to squint to see things that are far away from me (I am very nearsighted). The only thing I wish it didn't do was slip from time to time, due to my off base curve of 8.3mm instead of the general 8.6mm. Other than that, it's pretty great at correcting my vision.

Overall: 3.75/5

I like these lens! They're really comfortable, natural, and a fun accessory to have. Since they correct my vision, I pretty much wear them daily and take them out once it hits the 8 hour mark. They are 11.99USD and monthlies, so they can be a little expensive... but not as much as the Freshlook Colorblends! Those drained my wallet. These Comfy lens give me some character and spunk, defining my natural eye color with the rim of black. Definitely, if you want a lens type that people won't notice then get these. They're worth it!

Here's the difference between the Comfy Black and my Fairy 1 day Chocolate lenses
Left: Comfy Black, Right: Fairy Chocolate

Full face photo, as always
I dyed my hair with Prettia! Now it's a pinkish brown color with blond tips
I love it!

Thanks for spending the time to read this!
See you in my next post!!