28 July 2012

Getting Ready

For clothes in Spring fashion!

It's still very early, but I need to be prepared

I did some modeling with K-Palette eyeliner
I really love K-Palette's products and I hope to get some more eye shadow from them

These are so unofficial!

Not sure when they'll be released, but we'll see

I submitted some more things to Popteen and Egg Magazine
I think Egg Magazine is more fitting for me...

The other day,
Kimimi and I water colored together
It was the first time using water color paints for me
I used a nice Yasutomo water color brush and I really like it!

I drew my favorite actor in a very.. comical style
Nagito Shinomiya is now a beautiful picture bride w w w w w
I hope he never sees this

This is my unofficial painting of a Tavros print I will be handing out for free at Anime Expo 2013!

I'm very colorblind to reds, greens, and violet-purples
So I apologize if the colors are off
I try my best to check if it is correct, but my eyes trick me a lot

New circle lens reviews are coming up soon!

26 July 2012

Kimimi and I were working on our makeup for next year
We used stencils and stuff for the letters on my forehead

I even submitted our weird pictures to Egg Magazine for the September edition!
w w

24 July 2012

Micro Fiber Double Eyelid Fiber Review + Tutorial!

This is the famous Micro Fiber double eyelid fiber that I really love!
It sells for cheap; only $5.50 USD at Asian goods stores in the USA

Where I live, this is about 400 yen at convenience stores!

The pack contains 105 pieces of eyelid fiber
And it also had double sided adhesive for a secure hold when you use the eyelid fiber

The container is made of a sturdy plastic and comes with an applicator stick and scissors!
Unfortunately, my scissors were very dull and would not cut the fiber, so I'm using my other pair now

-Economical pricing
-Adhesive is strong and durable
-Fiber width is thicker than AB (Automatic Beauty) and Mezaik brand
-Fiber feels stronger than AB (Automatic Beauty) brand

-Not easy for beginners
-Scissors can be dull in the packaging
-Fiber may be a little shiny in sunlight if shown
-Silver/gold tabs at the ends may be pulled off if the fiber is pulled too quickly or harshly

What I think:
This is a great investment for me! I have one eyelid that will not stay a double eyelid, so buying Micro Fiber is amazing for me. I do not run out of this double eyelid fiber quickly at all and it actually sticks and helps create another fold in my eyelids!

Tutorial time!!

As you can see, one of my eyelids is a tapered/mono eyelid
I'll be working with the tapered/mono eyelid instead of my already parallel eyelid
(Hint: If you want a higher double eyelid crease and already have parallel eyelids, then do it! Nothing is stopping you!)

Remember to pat dry your eyelid before using the fiber
This will help the fiber stick and adhere better

See the gold/silver tabs? They are not sticking to the plastic sheet, so take one and start peeling off the eyelid fiber
Like this:
Peel off the white paper on top of the eyelid fiber
The fiber should be clear, like this:
Using the pink applicator, measure where you want to put your eyelid crease
I put my eyelid fiber close to my brow bone for higher of an eyelid fold
Take the eyelid fiber, holding the two gold/silver tabs and place it over your measured area on your eyelid
Stretch the fiber across your eyelid
This should not hurt, but if you are a beginner, you might feel some discomfort
Using your scissors, cut off the gold/silver tabs on the sides COMPLETELY and secure the edges by patting it down to adhere to your eyelid gently
Use either side of the applicator to tuck in your eyelid fiber
Look into the mirror to check if your missed any spots where you see the fiber still sticking out
You may need to do this several times
You may also put a glue sealer on top of the fiber if you would like, but it is not necessary to do so
And you're done!!

You may now apply makeup of any sort! 

I hope you enjoyed this review and tutorial!
If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write something in the comment box!

See you soon! Later!

Big Eye Make!


I spent the time to try out big eye makeup

Here's how it went
Sorry, my makeup is sort of caked on because I was out in the floral district earlier

I used my Micro Fiber eyelid tape (fiber) to readjust my eyelid fold
I like to have a very high double eyelid crease because it makes your eyes looks even bigger!!

I used 14.5mm lens, but I think this makeup style should use
15mm to 16mm circle lens
For a really DOLLY effect!!!

Review and tutorial on Micro Fiber is coming up soon!

22 July 2012


Today was amazing!

San Diego is so gorgeous w w w

Kimimi and I went to Tip Top Meats
I got to practice my German and also translated a lot of products
The two gummis stuck together in the picture,
But it just so happened that they're both my favorite colors (and also the colors of my character OTPs)
So I had to eat two gummis and not just one

We went to the beach after eating and shopping at Tip Top Meats
I didn't get any pictures because there was a high tide and I got really close to the waves
The sea life is beautiful! I love the little crabs they have
They like to crawl around the sand!!
Kimimi loved the water because it was so blue and clear
Unlike in LA, where the beaches are overcrowded and the water is a murky grey color

We walked around in Old Town
We ate Cafe Coyote handmade tortillas with melted butter
I recommend those tortillas over any other
It is so fresh and hot-off-the-pan that nothing else can compare

We also went to a jerky and root beer shop
And found this:
I really had to get some because I heard it was horrendous
So I just had to try it

Kimimi and I used her Dave S. sunglasses to pose with the Faygo drink

Actually, the drink is really not that bad
It is very artificial tasting (there is artificial flavoring)
But the carbonation is not too harsh and not too soft
The carbonation also stays for over an hour of leaving the bottle open!!
If you ever see Faygo
Why don't you try it? You just might like it!

We had dinner with our Uncle Ed at Phil's BBQ
I ordered a Baby Back Rib Tickler
And that is still HUGE!

I couldn't finish the entire plate, but at least I got most of the meat
Kimimi doesn't like to get her hands dirty, so she ate it with a knife and fork
I'm such a rude person
So I just ate with my hands

They have a lot of napkins ready for you and even pass out free hand wipes after your meal!
How thoughtful

The food is really good there
It's real American food... what else can I say? (>//<)

Today was very fun!
Thank you for coming to support us,
But we did not record anything this time
"Danjo" is being held off until sometime before I return home

For the meantime,
Please be patient!

21 July 2012

Thank You!

Who came and helped out at the photo shoot!

I had a great time with Satomi and Kimimi
w w Satomi and I had a bunch of kissing scenes
But it was fun anyhow

I'm figuring to get another pair of circle lens!!
It may be grey
I'm hoping for grey, but it might be even blue!

Let's see and hope for the best!

Thank you everyone again!

I will try my best tomorrow and will hopefully post some pictures of the photo shoot

19 July 2012

Trying On A New Wig

Satomi gave me a brown wig to borrow for the photo shoot on Saturday!

I'm cosplaying as Elizabeta from APH (Hetalia)
But my makeup is all wrong for this particular character

Please excuse my makeup! ( ; > < ; )

Reminds me of Ageha Magazine's style of fashion

Unfortunately, my powder makes my nose look like it is not proportional ||orz

w w Dirtiest pose... ever!

I think this photo shoot will go well!
Please support us
After the photo shoot, on Sunday,
Kimimi and I are going to La Jolla for a day

We'll be going to see Old Town and the tide pools at La Jolla beach
In the afternoon

If you'd like,
Come stop by at the beach!
It will be a nice day with good weather
We will be recording a dance cover there!!

16 July 2012

False Eyelashes!!


I tried mixing eyelashes for a dramatic effect without a lot of eyeliner or eye shadow
In this particular piece,
I didn't use any eye shadow at all!

I used three pairs of eyelashes:

1) Darkness EO Top Eyelash, 473 yen 
2) Decorative (Bottom) Eyelash no.4, 1025 yen
3) Eye Lashes (Extensions), 157 yen

The lashes I bought were very affordable and they feel really soft on my eyelids

First, I put on my eyeliner normally with no flares
Then I applied the Eye Lashes extensions to my top eyelid on the outer corner
After, I put the Darkness lashes on right above the Eye Lashes extensions
Then, I applied the Decorative Eyelash to the bottom of my eye
(I usually put the edge of the eyelash 2cm away from the outer corner of my eye)
I touch up with eyeliner on the top of my eyelid and the outer corner of my eyelashes
Also, I draw a crease line near my tear ducts to extend it and outline a little below the waterline; the inner corner of my eye

The result is

Pretty dramatic!

No eye shadow is required to make this
I find that my eye shadow creates a very powdery effect on my skin, which I don't like unless I am going to take pictures (the lighting is very important!)
And I was very satisfied with it

It is very dolly
But won't make your makeup look caked on either

Can't decide which eyelash to wear?
You can mix and match your eyelashes and just try them out like this!!
This will not only save you time,
But it will also help you save money instead of buying thicker false lashes!

What I'm wearing:
-Skin 79 BB Cream (Pink Edition)
-K Palette Long Lasting Eyeliner (24h wp)
-Darkness EO eyelash
-Eye Lashes extensions eyelash
-Decorative Eyelash bottom eyelash
-Feelcon 30 Days Comfy Black circle lens (14.5mm)

Stay tuned for more!

15 July 2012

Obon Summer Festival

Those who came to the Obon Summer Festival in Pasadena, LA
Thank you for supporting us!

We volunteered at the Mishima Grilled Corn booth this year
Kimimi and I were thrilled to see so many people who wanted grilled corn on the cob!! w w

Some people asked me,
"Are you from Mishima?"
I laugh because...
I'm not from Mishima! I am just volunteering!

My family is actually does not have direct Japanese blood
My ancestors come from mainland China and the Canton region
But I still enjoy celebrating the Japanese culture with all of my relatives (because many of them are married into Japanese families)

Kimimi and I saw a booth that sold old winter magazines of Egg, Popteen, etc. for only $1.00!
We bought about $6 worth of magazines and still wanted more
But our stash was beginning to grow really heavy so we had to stop buying magazines and keep working at the grilled corn booth

We did not participate in any dances or get any pictures
We were so swamped by customers that all we did was dance in our booth! w w w w w

By the time we got in line for cold soba
It was all sold out! 
So we got Chow Mein instead

When we went down to eat, we sat on top of a wall
And started to crack jokes and inappropriate things
There was also an uncle there,
But he walked away after our jokes
Sorry!! (oA o) We didn't mean to scare you!

Nevertheless, it was a fun time over at the festival!!
I hope to do some more volunteering again
But I won't be in LA for Nisei Week
Come look for us at upcoming events (I will post later)

P.S. We ran out of soy sauce at our grilled corn booth
We deeply apologize for this!

13 July 2012


Kimimi and I went to Japan Town in Los Angeles!!
w w We went to Kinokuniya and bought two Popteen magazines
The July and August editions

I didn't take any pictures, but we did go to Marukai and bought new eyelashes and Koji products

Kimimi and I are hooked on eyelid tape and glue!

I really recommend getting the eyelid fiber modeled by
It is called, "Micro Fiber"
In USD, it costs only about $5.50

I really recommend getting it if you want eyelid fiber instead of eyelid tape
Some eyelid tapes are only one sided
And, for me, one sided tape does not work for me

Micro fiber acts like Mezaik Fiber, but it is more economic
And very cheap!

I'll update later with photos soon~