26 March 2013

When Auditioning For Egg and Ageha Magazine...

Always plan your schedule to be free for many years to come!
I forgot that I have to be away for a year
Therefore, I cannot model for any magazines this time
Too bad, huh?
Ageha and Egg Magazine are my favorites, but I can't participate in them just yet...

Oh well,
I just have to set modeling aside on the back burner for now

Here's some of my makeup I attempted at once again
I tried to apply it as cleanly as I could, so I'm quite happy with the amount of effort I put into this!

As you can see, my roots are showing pretty badly! I really need to get my hair redone.... orz
Again, I will always make this face until I somehow get over this faze (not really) w w w

So, I also did a closeup on my eyemake 

For this look, I had to put on all the makeup and lashes first,
Then I used eyelid glue (from Daiso) to make my eyelid crease really high!
Surprisingly, it stayed and didn't ruin my natural eyelid folds afterwards w w
It was a very happy makeup session

Would you rather take a chance to travel the world or to full-time model in a magazine?

23 March 2013

Lotsa Lashes Talk

It's the end of the week! Yay!!
I'm so relieved to know that things will be going smoothly this year

May I announce
I'm staying in Los Angeles for the summer!
Kimimi and I are participating in Anime Expo's Artist Alley
So as soon as I announce the booth number
Be sure to check us out!!! w w

I'm anxious to get all my prints and products ready to be sold there
Not to mention getting the costumes I'm going to wear during Anime Expo done as well

I was trying out some new makeup styles that I might consider using for the summer
I'm going to be wearing lots of false lashes, so I decided to try putting mascara on my lower lashes and sticking them together

This is the result:
My left lashes were shorter than my right, which was frustrating
And I already have very straight and short eyelashes

This is what it looks like when I look down (without my top false lashes on)

I think it looked messier than if I put on lower false lashes, but those usually tend to come off during the middle of the day
Especially when I'm super active!

So then Amu took full face photos of my makeup
The coloring on this one came out a lot more vivid than the others
And my nose looks funny

Weird faces have to be Amu's favorite to take pictures of
I'm serious...

I used the Daylight (matte), Kitten Heel (Shimmer), Gaze (Shimmer), and Guest List (Shimmer) eye shadows palette from Lancome as a tester for this style
I have to say that Kitten Heel shadow is by far my favorite! It's a shimmering shadow that is a pink-gold color. In the light, it reflects flecks of gold color while the undertone is a nice pink
The Guest List shadow is also really nice for a smoky eye effect or if you want a darker shade; it blends very well with the other colors

So how does it look to you?
Would you try this technique to substitute applying lower false lashes?

21 March 2013

Great Opportunities Do Happen

On Monday,
I got a call from the local representative of the Germany exchange program I applied for months ago and...


I'm so excited right now! It's really a miracle how I am actually presented with this in my lifetime
It's such a shock; I think I'm still in the phase of "why don't I feel anything yet" type of shock w w w
I collapsed the floor after the phone call was over and started staring at the ground and muttering to myself orz
Then I told my father, who was even more excited for me. I also left a voice mail in my German instructor's messages and celebrated by eating some really good Japanese fried chicken with udon noodles w w It was kind of special since I don't eat fried foods too often
The day after, I told my instructor that I had been chosen and she screamed, jumped up and down while holding my hands, and hugged me! It was quite a scene, because on that day, there were foreign exchange students in the room from Austria as well! Welcome to America..?! w w w w w

So this means that I am going to be in Germany for 2013 (starting August) to 2014 (in June)!!
I will be very busy with all the activities happening there, so I have sad news:

I will not be able to blog much.

What a sad thought! I'll have to update my blog only for reviews and quick greetings for the holidays
But that's just how it goes!

Thank you, everyone, who is supporting me on this! I'm super psyched for this trip
It really feels like it's going to change my whole perspective on life

Please wish me the
Best of luck!

13 March 2013

Mini-Haul at Daiso

Over the weekend,
I spent over 20 dollars at Daiso!

This is what I bought:
-Fleece strawberry booties
-Flower type face roller
-Floral design plastic bags
-Lace design frost bags with ties
-Metal hair clip
-Aloe infused double eyelid glue

I didn't know they stopped carrying their eyelid tapes!
I am really saddened by that because I just learned how to fit them to my eye correctly
So I decided to try the eyelid glue instead

I'll be doing a review on the double eyelid glue
And the face roller!

I hope to see a difference in my face after using the roller for a month,
So I think I will have to take before and after pictures, yeah?

This week has already had a lot of stress
I'm really behind on all my shipments and orders,
So I really apologize for that!
I'm trying to fix it as fast as I possibly can right now

Thanks for your understanding!

09 March 2013

Sparkle Apple's Giveaway Sponsored By Eyecandys

Sparkle Apple is having a really fantastic giveaway!
It is sponsored by eyecandys.com

The prize is for one winner who will get:
-One pair of GEO Medical Magic Color lenses

Why not join in?

03 March 2013

Gothic 3tones Sapphire Lens Review

This post seems delayed, doesn't it?
Sorry about that!

So today,
I'm going to be reviewing...

Gothic 3tones Sapphire

One lens
Both lens

Color: Blue
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water content: 38%
Base curve: 8.6mm
Manufacturer: G&G/ Dueba
Duration: 12 months/1 year

Design and Color: 4/5

These lens are really pretty! I love the pale blue that they are in their lens case. The design is the same as my other ones, the Gothic 3tones Turquoise lens. It gives a really natural effect from afar, which is great for me because I tend to like the more natural designs than the ones that may be for costumes.
When I put the lens on, I noticed that the lens was not a pale blue color anymore. It is more of a nice light blue. I don't mind it either way, but I was kind of hoping for the pale blue to be its color on my eyes. Nevertheless, I'm still very happy with this series!

Enlargement: 3.5/5

Since these lens are 14.5mm with no significant black/brown outer ring (instead, it has a grey-ish color for an outer ring), it is not hugely enlarging. I find it unique and like how it blends well. The lens aren't too big in my eye, which is great because I don't have to wear too much makeup on days that I am sensitive or lazy, haha!

Comfort: 3.5/5

It was a little strange when I soaked these lens for a night and then tried them on. I had one very comfortable lens while the other one felt like it was poking the side of my eye. I immediately took it out and search for any scratches, cuts or defects in the lens itself, then looked if there was anything in my eye. I didn't find anything, so I changed the lens case instead. It turned out that the lens case had something in it and was causing the lens to seem defective.
Now that the problem is solved, I feel no discomfort at all with these lenses. I do not need eye drops for the entire day, and that is a great thing.

Overall: 3.5/5

The Gothic 3tone series are something I would definitely recommend for those who want some enlargement and color change, but not to look super dolly or alien-like. The color can be very subtle in some eyes, so this series may not be for everyone. I particularly enjoy how natural it looks without being too over the top when I am out in public.

This is a picture with moderate lighting. You can see that the color of the lens can vary in different types of light.

I hope you found some good information about these lens (^_^)/
See you in the next post!

02 March 2013

LIZ LISA in Little Japan Town

Was my day off
So I went to Little Japan Town in San Francisco

It was strange
Because there were barely any people in the stores
So I chatted with the employees for a while

People are nice there
I'm sure that they are used to seeing tourists and sometimes locals
San Francisco is a really big place! w w w

I went to New People first
Right now, there is a LIZ LISA Pop Up Store there!
They are featuring the line TRALALA right now

I was kind of shocked at the prices though
I'm not used to seeing LIZ LISA clothing for more than 7,000 yen.
This time, the average cost for a print t-shirt is 54 USD!!
UOAAH It's really expensive here

Is even more expensive!
So what you're getting is some pretty high-grade stuff right here
Please come and check it out! They moved two cute Purikura photo booths into New People
So you can take pictures with your new clothes on as well!

After shopping (more like window shopping orz),
I went to lunch:

I was craving eel and tofu, so I ordered a bento
I'm surprised I finished it all
I must have been super hungry or something

As soon as I finished lunch,
I went to the Kinokuniya Bookstore
And bought the newest edition of Ageha Magazine
It's the March edition

It also came with a free skull printed leather pouch!

At Daiso, I picked up some socks

And I looked for some eyelid tape, but it looked like they ran out! (;A;)
Oh well... Maybe next time

Also, I met with friends
So we took pictures together!

It was a fun day!
I should do this more often

Rokoko Pt. 2

Skipping forward,
I didn't finish my music posts yet!

I want to share just one more song that I really love:

It has to be "Midnight Illusion"!
I remember when the song first came out
I wasn't very thrilled that it was for a BL series, but nevertheless I liked the song

That's it for the song postings!