21 May 2013

Makeup Experimenting

I have been so busy with work,
I forgot to upload some pictures I took of my makeup!!
This is a new look I tried for my evening shifts

I trimmed my bangs a little differently this time
Can you tell? It's a lot thinner at the ends

I tried to pose like Aikawa Kozue, but I think I look more like Hozumi Numajiri instead w w

Here's a closeup!
I really love the Fairy 1day lens to death;
They look so natural that it's crazy

15 May 2013

Fairy 1day Natural Brown Lens Review

Well, everyone, here's another review on some lenses I have purchased recently!

This review is on:

Fairy 1 Day Natural Brown

I can't stress enough how much I love blister packages for circle lens!
One lens inserted (top image) and both lens (bottom image)

Color: Chocolate/Brown
Diameter: 14.2mm (stained/colored diameter: 13.3mm)
Water content: 38% ~ 42%
Base curve: 8.7mm
Manufacturer: Sincere Vision
Duration: Daily/ 1 day

Before I start, the Fairy Brand from Sincere Vision is one of the most popular lens in Japan, next to Tsubasa Masuwaka's Bambi series, Celebrity Eyes, AngelColor, Venus Eyes, and much more. They are available in monthlies as well as dailies. I prefer dailies because you can actually sleep with them on (but it's not recommended) and then chuck them after! The oxygen permeability is said to be better than regular circle lens.

Design and Color: 5/5

First, I have to say that the color of the lens match my natural eye color gorgeously! I was so surprised that they could look so natural. The design is simple; the design is a simple ring of color with soft spikes leading to the middle and stopping before the clear site where your pupil is supposed to be. It looks similar to the Hyper Circle lens in 14.2mm (but other websites state they are 14.5mm), but the pattern is much more defined. There are quite a few millimeters of clear area on the edge of the circle lens, so it never looks like your lens is slipping downward when you look up! They blend in very well with my natural eye color, which is two thumbs up for me!

Enlargement: 2/5

Although the lens are 14.2mm, the colored part only reaches to 13.3mm. This means that there is indeed a lot more clear space at the edge of the lens; it doesn't enlarge that much. These Fairy lenses are very natural looking, so it was expected to be subtly enlarging, but not enough to have HUGE eyes. This is a plus for me because I usually like to wear brown lenses without too much makeup or on days when I am feeling lazy.

Comfort: 5/5

Fairy lenses really live up to their claim! I could not feel them in my eye for the entire day. No eye drops were needed at all. The great part I liked about it was the fact that I didn't have to soak them in solution for 8 hours! The lenses are easy and ready to go, so you just open up the cute blister packages and pop them on! If you're in a rush, it's great to have.

Vision: 4/5

Now, this is a new part of reviewing! I'm actually going to rate how well I see with lens from now on.
I could see pretty clearly with these lens, but there were (and are) some times where they would make me see a little double of something. I think it is probably because my eye's base curve is 8.3 while the lens' curve is actually 8.7! If you have a base curve that is around 8.6 or higher, you shouldn't have any problems with the circle lens giving you double vision/silhouettes. Other than that, everything was crystal clear!

Overall: 4.5/5

I am so in love with these daily lenses! I have tried a few Fairy lens in the past, but the 1 day lens are very superior. The comfort level is great, the enlargement is very natural, and many people couldn't tell if I was wearing circle lens or not! Those who want to have natural lens, these would be for you!

Here's me doing some "advertisement" photos with the super cute packaging!

Thanks for reading my blog today. See you again!!

04 May 2013

Feelcon Circle Lenses

I have received another pair of monthly Feelcon lenses
They are supposed to be in place for the New Bio lenses that were so highly praised about in previous years

Here are the lenses I got:

This type is called "Natural Black" in 14.2mm; the code says they are EO2.

Apparently, the company that manufactures these lenses is called SP&Eye Co., Ltd.
But I have not found any successful information on them besides a file on Docstoc
The file states the sales price and claims they are best selling in Thailand
Many other sites say their website is spnyeye.co.kr or feelconlens.com, but both domains have been closed down or are not available

I'm a little skeptical about these Feelcon lenses, actually
I had tried out their Comfy 30 Day Black lens (14.5mm) in the summertime, which seemed to be alright
I have heard that the Comfy 30 Day lens in brown are very uncomfortable, though!

If anyone has more information about the origin and history of Feelcon lens, I'd really appreciate knowing about it!
I'm a little scared that these might be fake lenses sold by a very well-known circle lens supplier...