30 June 2013

What Koumimix Is Selling at Anime Expo

I'll be showing a sneak peak of what will be selling at Anime Expo!!

Everything is handmade and made with love and care
My best friend and I are going to be the ones manning the booth

Handmade crochet lace pattern collar: $10.
Colors available: Marshmallow cream, Snowcone white, Latte brown, Licorice black, etc. (different color trim also available)

Hand-knitted Cat Ear Beanie: $30 (It's a steal!)
Colors available: Latte brown, Vivid blue, Custard beige, Sherbert pink, Marshmallow cream

Please come and check out Koumimix!!

26 June 2013

Anime Expo Booth Announcements

I reunited with my best friend!

Acting like a drunk fool w w

We finished our sailor uniforms in time for Anime Expo!

When I took off my wig, I looked very goth-like(?)

We will be at Anime Expo this year
at Artist Alley booth:

We will be selling handmade merchandise like lolita bows, bow ties, detachable collars, anime and TV series  buttons, posters, and much more!
COLORCON Koumi will also be joining our booth! You will be able to pre-order lenses from the booth as well as check out what they have in stock.

So please come and visit us!

23 June 2013

Daiso Charcoal Face Peel Mask Review

I'm reviewing on a face peel mask from Daiso!

So, the instructions tell you to:
First, cleanse your face thoroughly. Then, use a generous amount of product and evenly distribute it around your face, avoiding the eyes and eyebrows. Wait for the peel to dry (approximately 15 to 20 minute wait), then slowly peel away from your face, bottom up.

The peel is in a liquid/gel form to slather onto the skin. It was very thick and dried a little quickly when I tried to spread it on, so I think using copious amounts of it would do justice if you wanted to cover your whole face. Nevertheless, I was able to coat my face within minutes.

Here's a not quite glamorous picture of how it came out w w

After it dried, I proceeded to peel it off of my face. It was a little painful near my eye sockets, but it didn't seriously hurt me in any way.
I did, however, try to move my face while the peel was still on, and I really couldn't move my face! w w w w
I guess that's a good thing; I know that it really has dried all the way!!

So now...

Ta-dah! I didn't use any concealer or BB cream at all!
(But I did use a different camera angle this time)
My skin felt very smooth after the face peel mask and any black heads were gone.


-Smooth texture
-Great outcome
-Great price (only $1.50 USD, can you believe it?!)
-Dries completely without mess


-Does not spread easily
-Difficult to remove tiny leftover bits of peel from skin

I'm definitely going to repurchase this in the near future. I have been looking for a nice face peel for a cheap price, and I think I may have found it! Daiso has some of my favorite products!
And so that's my review!

07 June 2013

Popping Candy Brown Lens Review

So, tonight
I'm doing a review of the

Popping Candy Brown Lens

One lens

Up close and personal w w w

Color: Brown
Base curve: 8.6
Water content: 38~42%
Diameter: 14.5mm
Manufacturer: Dueba
Duration: 1 year/12 months

Design and Color: 4/5

The Popping Candy lenses looks just like the Neo Cosmo Glamour series, but they don't much of a soft outer ring as the Neo Cosmo ones do, which I personally prefer. They look stunning, though! The color shows up very well on my eye, changing my brown eyes into a hazelish amber color. It matches my hair color! The base curve is 8.6, so it was expected to slide around when I look around too fast because my base curve is measured at 8.3.

Enlargment: 3/5

Although they are labeled as 14.5mm lens, they look smaller than that. I would say they are more like 14.2mm when I wear them. It's not a problem, though! That means 0.3mm of the lens' edge is clear and has no color. I think it's a very smart design.

Comfort: 3.5/5

At first, after soaking them, they kind of stung a bit when I put them on. After soaking them for another day, I tried them again and they felt fine, but kept slipping. I think it takes a few days for lens to get used to the curvature of my eyes, or for my eye to get used to wearing the lens; either way, it needs progression, but that is my personal experience with all contact lens. Thankfully, after those few days, it was fine and they give me no problems. I can wear them for a full 8 hours without problems or need of eye drops. The lens are very thin and remind me of monthlies, but they're actually yearlies!

Vision: 4/5

I can see just fine with these lens. I don't wear my glasses over circle lens, so these lens really corrected my vision and I can see clearly. The only time it gets a little blurry (or when I see a double silhouette of something) is when I'm tired or I open my eyes too wide, causing the lens to slip downward.

Overall: 3.5/5

Popping Candy lenses are really amazing at changing eye color! I can see why so many models in oneegal/oneegyaru magazines like this type of pattern. They look stunning in photos as well!

They kind of make me look more mature..(?)

Thanks for reading this post!

04 June 2013

Makeup Inspired by Hozumi Numajiri

Well, here's to another day of makeup testing w w
I'm really a fan of hostess Hozumi Numajiri
She has such a dramatic life story!!!

Hozumi Numajiri is an Agejo model for Koakuma Ageha Magazine
You can read more about her history here

So here I am attempting to recreate Hozumi's gorgeous face

Look at those roots... ||orz

And once I turn my face to another angle, I no longer look anything like her w w w

And here is a closeup of the makeup:

Surprisingly, I only used one pair of half top lashes
The rest of my lashes are coated with mascara!
I also had to use a stroke of eyelid glue because my right eyelid isn't being obedient today

Today's coordinate was a loose LOVE printed sweater and black felt skinny jeans

If you had one person to dress up or turn yourself into,
Who would it be?

(I look so different when I smile... it really changes my face)