31 May 2012

Batch Lens Arrived!!

Those who have ordered from me in the middle of May
Your lens have arrived!!

Here's just a few pictures of circle lens

Looking forward to ship out soon!

29 May 2012


Today was many of my friends' birthdays so 
We had a lot of forks in the cake! w w w w
w w This was after everyone was done eating!!

I also bought a sponge green tea roll when I went shopping

It's really delicious!

I should stop eating so much
I need to get back to 43 kg soon
Summer is almost here!!

28 May 2012

Ultra Mascara

So much mascara today!!

My eyelid folds are starting to get wacky
Because of the weather!
Hopefully, they'll be back into the correct folds by the end of this week

I'll keep using my eyelid fibers, glue, and double-sided tapes~

w w w

26 May 2012

Beach Day

We went to the beach
The water here is really warm for some odd reason w

There was so much sea foam!! (* o *)
I love sea foam,
So I ran in it for hours
And then it was windy
And made sea foam bubbles across the sand!

It was really fun
But I heard the water in this part of town is really toxic
So I should probably go and wash off
I don't want to be poisoned


I got new mascara!
It was around 972 yen

I like length more than volume
But I only put a little bit on today

The lighting in the car was really off and made my nose look weird!
No circle lens today
It's my day off!!

w w w

25 May 2012

Choir Concert Makeup (Shizuka Takeda Inspired)

Yesterday was our choir performance
But I'm uploading my makeup for the night

We also sang the song
"Finale B" from RENT

It was really fun and Mattaku had a solo performance too! 

We had a good time
After that, we went to a burger joint somewhere and ate w w w

I didn't know what to do with my makeup
So I looked at Shizuka Takeda's blog

She is super pretty!

I copied a little bit of her makeup

Maybe I'll make a makeup tutorial for her makeup one day...

Update later!

22 May 2012

Ifax Black Lens Review


It's time for another circle lens review!!
This time, it is going to be on:

Ifax Black Circle Lens
from SecretEyes.org

In the case

One lens on

Both lens on

Unfortunately, the lens I received were defective!!
I will not be wearing these lens again (QAQ)

They look GORGEOUS, though!!

Design/Color: 9/10

I absolutely love the fact that these lens are only 14mm and they're black colored, too! Nowadays, there aren't as many non-GEO lenses that are colored in black and are in the diameter of 14mm. The flower-like pattern makes it blend very well, and inside its petals are a dark grey color. It doesn't look ink black, but enough black to change your eye color.

Comfort: 3/10

Unfortunately, these lens were defective! The prescription/power was -0.25 off, they slid in my eye constantly, and were very irritating and painful at times. Perhaps, if they weren't defective, I would have had a better experience with these lens.

Enlargement: 8/10

The lens doesn't enlarge too much, but the black-on-white contrast with my eyeball and the color of the lens makes it seem bigger. I think 14mm and 14.2mm lens in dark colors work well for me. I love the enlargement of this!

Overall: 7/10

These are really nice lens! I would consider getting another pair of these. Hopefully, the next ones I order will not be defective. I must've gotten a bad pair. I haven't heard any bad reviews about these lens. If you're looking for a black circle lens that isn't too big or too black, these might be for you!

See you!

21 May 2012

Ifax Black Lens!!

I opened my Ifax Black lens from SecretEyes

They were a gift from Lisa
She is very nice and their communication is very fast!

This is what it looks like on my hand

Here it is in the case

I can't wait to wear them this month!

Review is coming soon!!

19 May 2012

Choosing Hairstyles

I want to get a new hairstyle this summer!!

Here are some options that would be fitting for my face shape

Medium length... It reminds me of Alizée back in 2007, a French singer that I really admire
I think I would also get a perm for this hairstyle and get rid of my bangs (so I'd use extensions)

This hairstyle is in short length and I think it looks really cute!!
I think it'd take a lot f work to get my hair puffy, though. It usually hangs down like sticks if I don't tease it up

Last but least!
It is medium length and it's a tapered bob cut
It'd be longer in the front than it would in the back


Which would you prefer?

Everyone's allergies are getting really bad

I can't even stop sneezing!

There is no way I can focus on my homework
I had to rewrite an essay because I sneezed on it w w orz

I hope I can get my homework done in time...

18 May 2012

End of The Week... Finally!

Aren't you glad there's no work or school today?

The choir I'm in had a rehearsal

There aren't supposed to be any breaths between "boku wa" and "boku o (miteru)"
So I got a lot of the song wrong!! (;A;)

Our concert is on Thursday~
Wish us luck
We're singing a song in English called "Finale B"
It's so heartbreaking!! (>//<)
Love it, love it!

I drew this a while back, but I'll just post it here
I love Yasumoto Hiroki!
He's really a great man
His birthday was in March
I hope he is invited to Anime Expo 2012 in Los Angeles!
I'm going back to Los Angeles for the entire summer
I can't wait!!

16 May 2012

Novels, Books, and Reports


I haven't updated too much this week!
Well, that's because

I have so many reports to work on! w w w

I've been living off of scrambled eggs and rice!!
I really wish I had some good European (preferably German) food this week

I'm not sure which diameter of circle lens I should get (oAo)
14.5mm looks a little too big for natural, daily wear...

I colored over my Sugar Candy Pink lens in this picture!

14.5mm looks really huge for black lens
But I also have XCK-105 lens w w

I want to get a lens that looks similar to Aikawa Kozue's!
Her eyes are much bigger than mine (since she claims she wears 14.5mm)
Like this:

This looks like 14mm or 14.2mm to me...

I wish my circle lens would stay in place and not slide around though orz

Any suggestions?

13 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

This is a little late
I know... w

Happy Mother's Day!

I spent time with my family
And wore my new tourist Giants San Francisco sweater
w w w


My little brother and my Mother

We went to have Chinese food

Outosan and me

San Francisco Giants merchandise!!

I didn't put any makeup on except for mascara
I didn't even fix my one monolid!
It was a weird time